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Sometimes because of our circumstances, we are tempted to think more about the odds against us much more than we think about the things that are working for us. I know you can easily think about a thousand reasons the dreams may appear farfetched. But do you spend time thinking and visualizing the very things that can make the dream a reality?
I believe your dream is possible. Even though I may not know your dream or may not know you too well. Why will I believe your dream is possible if I don’t know you too well or even your capacity? Well, I need to quickly say that this is not really about who you are or where you come from. So long as you have a dream, I need to remind you that it is possible.
Everything we have and use today is the dream of someone who lived before us or who is still living right now. Some people have had some of the craziest dreams and ever and those dreams have become a reality.
There are those who showed clearly that they have dreams but they do not have the money to make it happen. To some others it was really foolish to have those dreams when you don’t have the money to make it happen. But that was years back. Some of those people have made their dreams a reality and those who used to mock them are now celebrating.
Have you stopped dreaming because you thought you don’t have the resources to make the dreams a reality? I dare to say that you are making a great mistake if you stopped dreaming because of what you don’t have.
We don’t dream because of what we already have! We dream because of what we are hoping to have or what we really want to have. There is no such thing as safe dreaming; which is to dream a little so that they can be achieved easily. That is not a dream! That’s just setting goals.
You should never be afraid to really expand your dream and you should not be afraid about the possibilities of your dreams. As you dream you have to talk about it. I always say you need to be careful who you share your dreams with but it is also important that you still share the dreams. You just never know who can help you with a part of that dream that will make the rest a reality.
Those dreams are possible no matter how big you think they are! You know that some experts said the airplane is an impossible dream. But remember some bicycle repairers who are just sons of a pastor – meaning they had no pedigree to dream about creating an airplane – were the one who dared to dream and not give up on the dream until the dream became a reality.
Please hold on to the dream. Take a look at it again. Is there something you need to add to it? Can you make it a little bigger and more fascinating? Please do that and don’t be scared. Someone might be saying, ‘I have no help for my small dreams and you are expecting me to dream big. Does that make sense?’ Well, what if I say you probably didn’t get the help because the dream was too small?
There was a time I said to some people that if they had small dreams they should not share it with me. If you have big dreams then I can spare you some time to listen to it. Some people don’t want to listen to small dreams. Interestingly, I was talking to a friend who once approached a group of people for business loan. Guess what they told him? They don’t do small loans! There is a given figure that you must be asking for. In other words they want to be part of something big.
I should say that you don’t have to start big. Everyone starts from somewhere but it is important to dream big even if you can’t start big. Just never doubt the possibilities of your dream because you can make it happened if it can cross your mind.    

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