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A few days ago I was talking to my daughter who’s just a few months above one. You would wonder if she understood what I was talking about. We know she picks a few words easily but for the others, she just has no idea what you are saying. What struck me was that I asked her to bring her hand and she did. I repeated the statement and she did it again. Just before then, her mother had used some words and she was trying to repeat what the mother said and it struck me so hard that the power of hearing shapes our lives!
How did you start speaking? It began with the power of hearing! Most kids can cry but they probably don’t know that they can also talk. But when they get to a level when their hearing has become sharper, it prompts them to try to repeat the things that they have heard. The more they hear, the more they say.
Now let’s take this away from the babies. How did you get to know so much today? It is a combination of all that you have heard over the years. That also makes it safe to say that you become what you hear and what you hear is what you will also say to other people.
When I listen to some people, I can tell what they have been hearing over the years. It could be the right thing and it could be the wrong thing. When you listen to the wrong thing long enough then you start saying and also doing the wrong thing. If you also listen to the right thing long enough, you start saying and doing the right thing. Have you ever thought about becoming great? Then I should ask you questions about what you are listening to.
There is so much power that comes from hearing. It propels so many things within you and hearing can also stagnate your life. You can build up yourself just by what you hear and you can also kill yourself or potentials just by what you hear. Some people have asked me over the years ‘how do I discover my potentials?’ Well, you need to know that what you hear is one great way to discover your potentials.
I have discovered so many other things about myself today just because of the things I have been hearing. I now know so many other things I can do just by listening to other people. It is the principle of the deep calling unto the deep. I hear people who have done what I am trying to do and something in me connects to them. How to get things done then becomes clearer to me. I see people who had a rough background and hear the stories of how they rose from nothing to something. That gives me the courage to move on and the assurance that I can get the same results or even better results.
The power of hearing can radically transform the lives of people in no time. All that matters is to consistently listen to the right thing. What are the things that happen to you because of what you hear:
1. Your thoughts are shaped by what you hear.
2. Your habits become formed from what you have heard that has been dominating your thoughts.
3. Destinies are decided or reorganised, stagnated or completely killed because of hearing.
4. Hearing can bring to your consciousness innate or hidden potentials.
5. From what a man or woman hears, you can tell how far the person will go in life.
Are you trying to get much out of life? Watch what you are hearing. Are you trying to raise children? Watch what you say to them. Do you have employees who run a company or business for you? Be careful what you say to them because it ultimately affects the company or business.
This is so important because hearing has a subtle power that affects our lives and determines where we end up. Watch the power of hearing and use it deliberately for desired results in all that you do.

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