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If I ask you what the difference really is between the rich and the poor and give you some time or a note pad, I can be rest assured you will need more time to explain your points and probably more time to fill up the blank spaces on the note pad. The other thing is that most of your answers will probably be correct but there is one other thing that we often look away from and I honestly think that it is is the powerful separator between the rich and the poor! It’s called ‘control!’ The rich can control money in a way that the poor cannot.
Maybe you should take some time to watch from a distance, regardless of the category that you belong to among the two, in other to see the rich and the poor respond or react to money. If you start a conversation and money is involved with a poor man, his natural reaction is that if a helpless person. He goes on and on to talk about what he does not have and what he cannot get. Start the same conversation with a rich man. His questions to you will be about the value of what you are proposing. It’s not always about the money in his account but about the possibilities he can explore with what he already has.
It is important for me to not just bring this to your attention but to remind you that you need to switch, that’s if you think you don’t have enough money, from being helpless to being in control. That’s what you have to do because the rich control money. Now I guess your next quest question is ‘how do they really control money?’
There are several ways in which they control money but the first of them is to admit that money is not just physical cash. Money is value. And that value could be the value you place on time, resources, energy, talent or skills. The resources could also be mental resources. If you learn how to control all these things I have mentioned then you are on your way to being wealthy. For some it may happen quickly and for others it may not. But I can guarantee that if you can control resources then you will soon control money.
Why did I link resources with money? It is simply because when you get money you are being paid for some resources that you have and are needed by other people. How do  you think consultants, speakers, writers, television and radio stations make money? How do you think manufacturers if the products you use make money? It goes beyond just selling products and information to you. It comes back to the things they can control.
Even if It’s physical cash we have to focus on here and forget about resources or value that can give you money, the rich still control money by making sure that the they have goes back to bring more money for them. That’s why they invest in other businesses, give money out to the poor, save some or get an insurance and as well start businesses! As for the poor, they cannot control money because everything they get goes into meeting their needs! If all your money ever does for you is to meet needs then you have already lost control over money. You need to take some time out and restrategize to see how you can come back into control!
What are the things that you can control? You can control money by controlling some businesses. They may not necessarily be the businesses you will start. All you may have to do is to look for smart young people and invest in their brain works. Very soon, you will be able to place a demand on money when you need it rather than feeling helpless when money places a demand on you.
Start thinking today and get in control. You have been helpless enough!

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