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‘I want to challenge everyone (especially you) to go to the cemetery and disappoint the graveyard. Die like the Apostle Paul who said I have finished my course, I have kept the faith and I have been poured out like a drink offering. There is nothing left. I am ready to die… When you die, die like I am planning to die. Empty. It’s finished.’ – Dr. Myles Munroe.
I am wrapping up my week long tribute to Dr. Myles Munroe with this great challenge which was probably one of his most profound and final statements just because the plane crash. He went around the world challenging everyone to die empty. Maybe you are still scared at the mention of the word ‘death.’ Then we need to deal with that and talk about how to die empty.
First you should know that only someone who understands that children of God don’t die can confidently talk about death in that manner. By saying children of God I mean you have given your life to Jesus. You have believed unto righteousness in your heart and have confessed unto salvation with your mouth that you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. When that first and probably the most important part is sorted, then you know that you only transit and don’t die. It can only be said that children of God sleep in the Lord. When Jesus returns as he will, the dead or those who slept in the Lord will be the first to be taken up.
The next and also very important move is for you to discover purpose here on earth. If you don’t know why you were born you can’t be talking about emptying yourself. The question is what do you want to pour out to others? What do you want to empty? There must be some potentials that you have identified that you are not ready to empty into helping others discover their potentials and fulfilling their destiny. Until you have found what your potentials are you can’t be talking about emptying yourself to others.
You have to become selfless after discovering your potentials. Only selfless people can talk about dying empty. To die in this manner means that you spend yourself so much to make sure that others become better at what they are doing or that they become the best they can possibly become. If you are not selfless you cannot think more about others. You will only think about yourself and what to get from the potentials that you have.
Always remember that even though you are the one who carries the potentials, the potentials are not always for you. The potentials you carry are to be used for others and as you use those potentials for others, you become useful and relevant to them. Then the things that you really need will be released unto you.
Your life does not amount to much if you do not prepare to empty yourself into others. I am challenging you, just as Dr. Munroe did, to prepare to die empty. I have taken up the challenge to die empty and I have started out on that path a long time ago. I am simply renewing my commitment to do so.
Some years ago I was going on television every week. Sometimes I showed up at the television station about twice a week. I was not paid a dime yet I was providing valuable content in terms of motivation and personal development. People around me kept asking me why I was doing it even though I was not paid for it. Maybe I did not understand what it was at that time but I was pouring out myself just so I can also be empty by the time I am ready to transit from this earth. Some other television invitations have come and I have taken them without asking for a dime. I have spoken in so many places and they are shocked to hear that I speak in non-for-profit organisations without charging a dime.
I’ve been blogging for more than seven years now. I put out my content for free on daily basis and the first question some people are asking me is, ‘how do you make money from blogging?’ I look at them and laugh because they don’t understand that there is more to pouring out myself for people than trying to get from them. Interestingly, those who look less at what they can get always get more at the end of the day. Those who look more at what they can get usually get next to nothing.
My coming to this earth is a lot more meaningful as I pour out myself daily. I am now committing myself to making sure that I die empty and disappoint the grave. What about you? are you going to die empty or going to the grave with your potentials?

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