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When we understand the purpose of leadership then it will be a lot easier for so many of us to lead effectively and also leave a lasting impact on the lives of the people we lead and on the minds of those seeing our style as leaders. There are too many people trying hard to lead but they obviously don’t know what leadership is about. Some of them are even what you can call situational leaders.
Before you get into any type or level of leadership it is important for you to look around and try to understand what necessitated leadership in that phase. You have to look at what’s on ground and what needs to be done so that you can decide where you have to go. This applies to small groups, large organisations and it does not matter if it is corporate, family or spiritual leadership.
Leadership has a purpose. It is therefore mandatory for anyone who wants to lead and succeed at leading to ask if the purpose of leadership is properly understood. Some of the purposes of leadership, regardless of where you are a leader and when you are made a leader, are: 
Vision. When there is a vision there will always be the need for a leader who can make sure he or she understands the vision, know how to execute the vision and must be able to sell the vision to other people. If he or she cannot interpret the vision, buy into it and sell to others there will be no point trying to lead. 
Order. Where there is no leader there will always be chaos. So as a leader you must understand that you are in the leadership position to maintain order. It is your responsibility to keep the sanity of the organisation that you are leading. This does not mean you have to do it with your physical might. It is something you have to do with the level of personal development you have given to yourself, trainings for your people and processes put in place for things to run.
Sustainability. Whatever you do must go beyond you. if you are going to be a successful leader then you cannot lead and everything disappears when you are no longer in office on in a position. Someone handed over to you and you have to build on what they have started. Even if you are the first to start in where you are leading, your success lies in the sustainability of what you have started. You are a link in the chain and not the end of the link.
Responsibility. You certainly know that leadership is responsibility but again you need to understand that there has to be leadership because someone has to take responsibility. Followers can be shifting blames but a leader cannot. When things happen you take responsibility for whatever happens so long as you are the one leading. One of the reasons you are called a leader is that we need someone who can account for what’s going on in the organisation.
We can go on and think about some other purposes of leadership. Most of them will fall under the ones listed above and a few others may not. Please think on these things and begin, if you have not, to lead purposefully and lead effectively.
As you already know, leadership may not always be easy but it will be harder when you try to lead without knowledge. Having been armed with some of the purposes of leadership now, go and start succeeding as you lead.
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