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I have established in some previous articles that packaging is necessary and packaging is not about deceit or making people believe that you are what you are not. We all have a packaging for all that we do either consciously or unconsciously. The only question is if you have the right packaging to be able to push the product or service that you are trying to push.
There are several reasons you have to consider packaging and I want to take a look at a few of them so that you begin to pay more attention to it. Many people even think it may be a waste of their time and resources but they end up doing it and spending more than they should.
Among several other reasons for packaging, chief among them is the fact that people don’t but what they really need. you will find people walk into stores and they pay for something that may not serve them so well but it serves their ego. Even with service oriented businesses you will see people paying more for something that may not serve them so well. But the truth is that they want it since it is a well packaged service.
Most times people buy packaging and not necessarily the product or service, especially for products and services that are equally unknown and someone has to make a choice. So you may have a really good product that is not well packaged and some else has a poor product that is well packaged and is selling fast. There are not too many products out there that have a very great content and are able to match the content with the packaging. Some products are over packaged and some are under packaged. Whatever you do, always remember that you have to do it well and in order to sell it well, package it well.
One of the reasons people buy the package before they get to know the content is because the package in its original purpose was supposed to give the buyer the right perception about the product. In other words, when I see a well packaged product it is supposed to mean that this will be a good product. When I see a nice looking car, I ought to have the confidence to buy it because it should be a good car. But you and I know that not all nice looking cars are good cars.
Packaging also tells me how far the seller is willing to go just to present his product and service or make it stand out among many others in the market. If you don’t do the packaging and you expect me to engage your services then I can imagine what kind of service you will be rendering to me. If you don’t package your product well and you want me to buy it and I should not expect so much value for my money. These things count because when I see how far you have gone to sell the product or service to me, it also gives me an idea of how well I can enjoy it when getting it from you. The person who will not go the extra mile to package is not likely to go an extra mile for the customer.
When you do your packaging properly, customers are also likely to get the impression that what you are doing is about proffering solutions to them and not necessarily a business that just needs to feed some people. While your customers may be nice, they want to see a product or service that meets their own needs. It does not really matter to them if what they are paying you puts food on your table or not. As a matter of fact, how many customers will think of getting something just because it puts food on the table of the person they are buying from? People want to buy something because it solves their own problems or it feeds their ego.
As you go about your business from today, bear in mind that you may have a very good product but your packaging can sell the product more.

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