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We all have to go through a process in life and God carefully takes us through that process in order to get us to where he wants to take us. If we don’t understand that every process has a purpose, we may not follow through with that process. It’s not enough to know and understand the purpose of the process in general terms but we must know the purpose of a specific process that we are going through.
While there are several purposes of any process that God has or will choose to take us through, these are some that I have identified:
1. Preparation – God does not use the people that he hasn’t prepared. People sometimes think they haven’t been prepared for a position or that they just didn’t get enough time to prepare. What they don’t realize is that all the things you went through in the past were actually preparing you for the things you are going through now or the position that you have now. God can use an experience with someone to prepare you for a position or he can use a relationship to build you for something you will never imagine you were being prepared for. We saw that God used all the challenges of Joseph to prepare him for the day and time he would be appointed as the Prime Minister of Egypt. He didn’t know that the slavery and prison experiences were preparing him. The time of Moses in the house of Pharaoh and the house of Jethro, his father in law was also preparing him for the time of leadership over Israel. God uses process to prepare people and you must see your time of process as a time of preparation for something really great.
2. Separation – Separation is truly another form of preparation and this is one of the things that happen when God is preparing us for something or a position in life. There are times we want to take things, people, habits and other stuff with us and God does not want those things to go with us because they can either hinder us from getting to our destination or destroy us when we get to our destination. Abraham took lot with him and it took separation to advance into God blessing and plans. Some people are holding unto anger. Some people are holding unto bitterness and some others are holding unto adultery. Others will not give up their gluttony or alcohol but those things are getting in the way of the things that God wants to do for you and through you. There are people God must separate you from, no matter how much you love them. These people maybe people who make you rest well on past glory, see no reason to stress yourself anymore and just be comfortable in you mediocre zone. God needs these people out of the way so as to take you as fast as he wants to.
3. Preservation – From time to time the purpose of the process will switch to just preserving you. You go through an experience not for anything other than the fact that God wanted to preserve you. If he allowed everything to continue being smooth, nice and rosy, you could get killed in the process. Many people are not happy when things slow down but that could be God stopping you from going too fact so that you don’t get killed. There are too many people who want to arrive at their destination faster than God planned for them. Many want things to happen at an impossible speed but God just halts all of that. So when you are going through a process, it may just be that God wants to preserve you from death or being destroyed. It’s not that you’re not on the right track or that you don’t know what you should do. Everything is going perfectly well but there could be something ahead that you don’t know about which is about to cut you off.
4. Fruitfulness – The Process will make you fruitful. If you don’t go through a process you will not be ready to birth the things you are expected to birth by the time you arrive at your destination. Many people are just empty barrels and clanging cymbals until they go through the process carefully selected for them by God. You should see your process as a special training where you are prepared for a new position. You understand that when someone is about to be promoted or when they have been promoted, they would require a new training to be able to function in the new capacity. Without that training, the promotion would be needless and the organisation would soon require someone else to support or replace. In life, God has deliberate training programmes chosen for us to go through and those training programmes are not held in the classrooms. They are life experiences that prepare us for the next phase in life. Without those trainings, we can’t be fruitful.
5. Confusing the enemies – Clearly, many of the things that God does are mysterious and that includes preparing us for a place without giving a clue to the people around about what or where we are being prepared for. When Joseph had his famous dream, his brothers could not have imagined that the sheaves meant he would become the Prime Minister of a great nation and they would come bowing to him. If they knew that’s exactly what it meant, they probably would have gone ahead with the threat or desire to kill him. That’s the same way God takes you through certain things in life and the people around have no idea where God is taking you with all the challenges and life classes you are taking now. Don’t worry. Even God doesn’t want to tell some of you because you can’t keep your mouth shut. If you knew everything that you’re going through right now is simply to confuse some of your enemies, you wouldn’t be bothered anymore. Just when things don’t seem to be working and people are happy that things are not working for you, God then links all “the things that weren’t working” to the things and places he had in mind for you. It’s a strategy to not reveal all of God’s plans for your life so that you don’t get killed or the plans are not averted.
You are a special person going through God’s process and the purpose of some of those processes have been highlighted above. Now you understand why you are going through those things that you are going through. Don’t give up. Keep going through that process and God will achieve the things he set out to through you.

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