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Life’s journey is a must for everyone who is breathing. You cannot say you are not going anymore. Until your last breath comes out, you are on the road of discovery in a world called life with so many other road users with different destinations. At different times, your paths will cross those of other road users and you may find yourself traveling together for a while. As destiny permits, you may be traveling together for a short while or a very long time. In all of these, some people may have it very rough in their journey, probably because of where they are coming from or the place they are going to and, in some cases, it’s all because of their mistakes. Many may have a very rough beginning and that’s what I would really like to focus on for now. It can be very discouraging to start out on a rough road in life but it does not mean the journey will not be worth the while.
Permit me to say that you should not start out judging the entire journey by what it appears to be from the beginning. You also need to know that the journey I am referring to here is the journey of life. You may have started out your journey in life on the rough roads first. Don’t worry. So long a you know where you are going then you can be rest assured that those rough parts will not matter when you get to where you are going. For those who drive, you may have been in a situation where you have to drive from a bad road to a good road. When you start out on the bad road, it comes with a lot of strains for the vehicle and even pains for you as the driver. The shock absorbers of your cars will be pushed to limits on rough roads. Your ball joints will feel some of the effects of bad roads. Some tires may be deflated and springs keep making noise at every slight opportunity. For the driver, kneels may ache. You may also driver for longer than necessary periods.
When this happens, the only reason you will keep going is because you know where you are going. You also know that where you are going is a lot better than where you are coming from. That gives you a lot of consolation and you just keep going until you have gone past the rough roads. I remember there was a time I needed to go out of an area after it rained briefly. The road was so bad that it became slippery. When I drove to a stage, the mud was almost controlling the wheel instead of me. Where I was going was very important and I just had to go through that road so I went ahead. As some point as I tried to turn right the back wheels would turn left because of the mud but I struggled through it until I got to the other side.
The point of reference to the cars on bad roads is not just to talk about cars but to help understand the fact that sometimes, our own lives are like that. We should never give up on driving our own life. We cannot abandon our own lives like cars on the rough roads. We have to keep driving until we get out of the rough roads. If we get stuck then we get help. If you have to me towed then do it. Your life has to keep moving every time. Don’t focus on the rough roads that you are on right now. Focus on the path that you are driving towards. Focus on the good roads where you are ending up.
A number of times I have come to see that life is like driving first on the rough road and then the very smooth road. Both roads teach us a lot of lessons. On the rough roads we learn to be better drivers. We learn patience. We learn to slow down by applying the brakes gently rather than slamming it. When we get to the smooth road we also learn to move fast and probably just enjoy the smooth ride. That’s also life for you. When things start out being rough, you learn to be patient and gradually fix things.
I know that many people do not like the rough roads at all but you cannot do without them. If you are on a rough road of life at the moment, I would want you to focus on where you are going. The road will not be rough till the end. At some point you will get to the smooth road and your story will be different.
Remember, you are not on the rough to park! You are just driving by so keep driving until you’ve gone past the rough roads in your life!
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