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Sometimes people get into a messy situation and it’s easy to understand why they would choose to complain in those situations. No one likes to be in a mess. We want things to work just the way we planned them to work. So when they don’t work as we planned, we are tempted to whine. It’s really hard for people to understand or even accept that sometimes, the situation they cry about is what they need to get to where they are going.
Many of us used to make this joke about people not wanting to die yet we all want to go to heaven. You don’t want to pass through tough times but you want to have glorious times. If it’s possible women will like to avoid labour but they want children.
We also take a look at so many people in the society and we love who or what they have become but we don’t like the things that they went through. If you are in a terrible situation right now, you need to spend some time thinking about how the situation can be possibly connected to the future you are dreaming about.
I think that more than the situation, the other hard part is that people can’t see how tough situations can be connected to their future until they pass through it and the desired future results are delivered to them. Rather than denying that what you are going through right now has a connection to the future you wished for, just start working to see how this situation is connected to your future and see what part you need to play to ensure to comply and make it work for you.
There is something good about the bad situation even though most of us don’t like them. They have a series of connection with who we want to become. When we get to where we are going or become who we intended to become then we can look back and say it was what we went through that brought us this far.
I have always wanted to inspire people. But at different phases of my life I go through some serious challenges. I used to ask myself why I need to go through these challenges. I really did not understand why it has to be me. Later it became clear to me that if I will truly inspire people, I must have real stories to tell them. It can just be stories I read up in some books or stories of other people that I heard. When they hear my own story they will understand that I truly qualify to motivate them in their own situations.
That does not mean I have become so comfortable with challenges. I am also not saying you should like the situation if it is unpleasant. The point here is that we should do more than just wish the situation away. The situation may have been designed to discourage or destroy us. We are the ones who will choose to make sure we use the situation as a launch pad to where we are going.
This is what most great men have done and the ones attaining greatness are currently doing the same. You can’t let situations come at you and weigh you down or take your future and leave you thinking about the past. You have to get up and use the same situation that came against you as the tool for your future success.
Getting to where you are going in life is not only determined by obvious opportunities presented to you. It can also be determined by situations that you converted to opportunities. go on and make the most of it now!

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