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There’s something interesting you really need to know about the size of your challenges. I think that by the time you find out what it is, your perception to challenges will change. Every human being will face challenges in life at different times and for different purposes. The challenges are often not the most important things but what we make of them.
I understand that when you have challenges, it can be very painful. Some people will say you are lazy because everything is working for them and it may not be working for you yet. In some parts of the world, like Africa, they will attribute a number of your challenges to some curses placed on you or inherited from one generation to the other.
My opinion is that a few people are lazy but most of the people who have challenges are not necessarily lazy people. It is also possible that someone has been under a spell or a curse but again, it is not everyone who has a challenge that is operating under a spell or curse.
As I spoke with someone recently, an insight that I got several years ago came back fresh to me. Someone was trying to tell me the importance of the size of challenges that anyone is facing. He used a couple of illustrations and they stuck with me ever since.     
The first thing you need to know is that the future you are going into is what determines the size of challenges you will face. If all you ever face are small challenges then you don’t have a really bright or big future. But when you face some big challenges, then you should prepare for a really big future. Why would anyone say this? He backed it up by saying, ‘do you know that what you want to kill will determine the weapon you will bring out?’ if for instance you want to kill a cockroach, you can just bring out any light footwear and kill it. If you want to kill some insects you can use your hands. Nobody thinks about using a gun to kill a mosquito, regardless of how fierce the mosquitoes are.
That simply means you will bring out tools that you perceive can do the job. If you want to kill a snake you will not be bringing out some light footwear! You will also not consider killing the snake with your bare hands. You will look for a stick that can probably do the job with one strike! When you also see a lion, you definitely will not be thinking about killing the lion with a stick!
Another way to put it is to say that an enemy will come at you based on your perceived strength or weakness. If anyone perceives you as armed and dangerous, the person will not come close with a short gun! He would probably carry a long double barrel. If you think what you are facing is really big, you will want to carry a big weapon. If you think that what you are going to face is really small then you are going to carry a small weapon.
Going by that, we can now relate some of our challenges in life to the size of greatness that we carry. If life thinks that we have very little to offer, it might come our way with very little challenges. When life perceives that we have so much to offer then more challenges are bound to come. When you think about your challenges and you are wondering why you are the only one facing such huge challenges, just think of the big destiny ahead of you.
However, I need to say that it is not everyone who is facing challenges that is facing them because of the greatness waiting for them. Some people are facing unnecessary challenges. There are challenges that some are facing because of wrong choices. A number of people had those who could counsel them but they chose not to listen at all or they even listened but did not follow the counsel.
While it is true that the size of your challenges may be because of the future you have, you also need to be wise and make sure you are not deceiving yourself. Ensure that the challenges are not because of some decisions you took that you should not have taken.
Once that is cleared, you can be rest assured that the size of any other challenge might just show you the size of the future you should expect! The food you want to eat determines the preparation that will be made. What you want to make out of the flour will determine how much turning you will do and the intensity of heat you will place it on.
Let me say this on a lighter mood. You can’t go and face Boko Haram with Boys Scout! Once you know that, just bear in mind that those challenges that are coming your way already know the big place you are going to! So, the bigger your destination in life, the bigger the challenges you have to face. Don’t run away from them. Face them and seize your future!  

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