The small failures save the big ones │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is indeed true that failure can be very discouraging and if the continues consistently, the person who is failing at something becomes demoralized and may be too worn out to attempt another thing. When they eventually try to do something new, they are still overwhelmed by previous unpleasant experiences and that may affect putting their best into the new ventures.
Don’t forget the saying, for those who have heard it before now, that failure is not a person but an event. Some others have also said that failure is not final. What I have to say about this is that the small failures are saving the big ones. If you think about the fact that the small failures are actually saving the big ones then you will not give in too easily and you will finally succeed. I think it is better to fail when no one knows you than to fail in the full glare of the public.
Think about a child just learning how to walk. The child has to crawl before walking. Even before the child succeeds at crawling, she would have made efforts to sit properly and may fall. When she eventually starts crawling, she may not crawl properly on her knees. When it time to start walking the same child also needs to learn how to stand properly and then begin to make moves. It is not instant and every child falls before eventually learning how to walk. By the time they now learn how to walk, they can save themselves from bigger troubles of breaking their legs.
Another thing is when a child touches something that hurts for the first time. It is that feeling that helps to register danger in the mind of the child. Once that feeling of danger is registered in the mind of the child, you don’t have to remind him or her about certain things again. Ultimately, the child becomes protected from further hurts.
When we fail at small things or in the first activities that we are involved in, it does save us from some future occurrences that are bigger than we ones we are in at the moment. If you don’t learn your lessons now you are simply postponing it. There is no way you will not learn your lessons. What is important is to make sure that you learn your lessons early enough and move on.
I honestly admit that failure can be demoralizing as I mentioned earlier but you have to look out for the lessons to learn more than the unpleasant experiences you have had. When some people fail, the failure becomes a bigger tool against their future success because they allowed it. But when others fail, it is that failure that becomes the very tool needed for their success in future.
Be rest assured that the important issue is not the failure but what you make out of it. I have heard over and over again a quotation attributed to Thomas Edison saying, ‘I did not fail 999 times. I only found 999 ways not to do that same thing.’ While that shows a good attitude even after failing severally at something, it means that he just didn’t give up because of previous failures.
Do you really want to succeed? I am sure you do. But I need to tell you that there is no one who has succeeded without any record of failure in one way or the other. Those who look like they have never failed are those who have already paid the price through early failures and those who claimed never to have failed are either deceiving themselves or trying to deceive you.
There’s nothing wrong with failing but you must be conscious of what you do after failing because that is what determines the end or the continuity of failure.
You can, and I believe you will succeed, but bear in mind that the small failures are to save you from the big ones.

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