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I am so proud right now! It’s about the best time to be a Nigerian! Our under 17 team, the rightly named golden eaglets, has just won the world cup for the fourth time beating Sweden and Mexico 3-nil at both semi and finals of the tournament. I may not be a football freak but whenever my country is playing I always want to support them – win or lose. Again I come to you with my thoughts on some of the lessons we can take away from the victory regardless of which country won or lost.
It was the celebration after the match that made me say I was going to call this the sweetness of victory. I saw the players from the bench jump up and rejoice. The coach and the entire technical team was not left out. All the Nigerians in the stadium were more than happy but guess what? Only eleven players played at a go! Why then is everyone so happy? They are happy either as the coach or fans because the team they associated with has just won! I think that when we are happy for others, we also find some happiness in our own lives. We not have our desired victory yet but as we rejoice with others, we create room for our own victory.
Here are some football lessons that you must use in your personal and daily life:
1. Every team has a coach so you need to have at least one coach in life to train you.
2. The team listens to the coach regardless of what they already know. You should not only have a coach, you have to listen. If you don’t trust your coach, fire him and hire another one just as nations or clubs do.
3. You have to submit to trainings as the players do. You may not find it so easy  but you must obey to get the best out of yourself.
4. Regardless of a player’s skill, he still needs everyone on the team. Regardless of your skill you will need other people to complement you and to help you achieve your goals in life.
5. The coach plays each player from the position of their strengths! Focus on your strength and operate from there rather than being intimidated by the strength of others.
6. When there is a loss it is for the team and when there is victory it is also for the team. When things go wrong, it’s not time for blame trading.
7. In a team, players try their bit and pass the ball to give others a chance. You should never think it will be all about you in life. You will do your bit and allow others do theirs.
8. Every player gets feedback from the coach. When the players are on the field there are things they cannot see for themselves but the coach can easily see that. Get feedback from other people about yourself and skills so that you can improve.
9. Yes, the team takes a break! Once in a while you need to take a break. Relax, think about how you have been doing things. Come from new perspectives when you are returning and it is important to bounce back stronger than you were.
When you work this way you will always improve in your personal and business or corporate life. You will not wear out too quickly and can last longer. I will leave you to meditate on this and join the rest of my country men to enjoy the sweetness or euphoria of victory! Have a victorious life!

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