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When we lay our hands on certain things we sometimes think that we are doing them just for fun. We start out and in some cases it appears we are just doing them so that people do not think we are not busy. If only we know the impact of the things we are doing right now and how far they can go, we will either take them seriously or even stop them completely.
You should never underrate the importance of what you are doing right now or its possible magnitude. We may even start doing certain things and we think no one is watching until one day when you start having a conversation and someone makes reference to that thing you thought no one was seeing.
It is very important that you ensure you are doing something which will bring a desired result later in future. It is one thing to do something just to keep you busy. It is another thing to do what is right and will bring a desired result.
Even if you dont expect much from what you are doing, just make sure it is not something that will bring unintended consequences to you. There are people today who are in trouble not because of what they have just done but because of what they did years ago. If you dont care enough to see what you are doing is the right thing then you are setting yourself up for trouble.
Now to those who are certain they are doing the right thing, I want to assure you that you will soon get to a level where what you cant imagine will happen. Sometimes you think that you and the few people that are involved with you are the only ones seeing what you are doing. You will not know that there is someone who has been watching you over time. Very soon the need will arise for those things you have been doing and someday somewhere someone will mention your name.
There are times when you may even think that what you are doing is not working. You think you are wasting your time but you are just doing it because you have to do something. While you think that you are wasting your time, there are those watching you and they can see the bright future in what you are doing.
If you give up too soon because it looks like nothing is happening, you will eventually miss out on those things you expect to happen. If you stay on, you will soon realize that things were actually happening when you thought nothing what happening.
Several years ago I started out by just writing articles weekly and sending them to a few friends. From those articles, books have emerged and some platforms have opened up. Now things have moved up to blogging daily. It also looked like nothing was happening initially but at the end of the day I go to places or get invitations to speak and realize that some of these people had been following the blog and some of them invited me because of my consistent activities online.
You may think that what you are doing today is insignificant or too small to get the attention of the world. What I will simply say to you is to remain consistent and continually improve towards excellence. You will wake up one day and be shocked at how far you have come.
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