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I am confident in that fact that the trouble you are going through will be worth it on the long run, regardless of what it looks like at the moment. You may have struggled so hard and worked so hard yet you have very little to show for it. Your colleagues may be cutting corners and you are not willing to do that even if they appear to be getting by and shining because of their sharp practices. For years you have been saying to yourself, ‘he who laughs last laughs best,’ but you, just as they are already wondering, are now thinking when you will laugh last.
Sometimes I have the privilege to listen to some people and I hear what they are going through on daily basis. Should I talk about the way a father sticks out his neck regularly to feed the family or the way the mother stretches herself just to put a decent meal on the table for her children? If you leave in a city like ours, the challenges are even complicated by the daily traffic we have to face. From all the productive hours in the day, some regularly spend a minimum of six hours on the road.
You may have been working hard with that dream and you are being turned down by many of the people you are talking to. Let me assure you that the idea will become a reality. It does not matter that people are turning it down right now. I have had so many ideas too and I have had to deal with very many people turning me down. In fact, there were some of those who turned me down that I just didn’t think would do so. I thought they knew me, liked my idea and also had the capacity to fund it. Why will they not support me? Why will they not consider the effort I have put into making this a reality and just let it go to waste? That can be very discouraging and maybe that’s what you are going through right now.
It is possible that you have put in all your energy and the very best of yourself. You are willing to do that all over again because you believe in that idea or project or cause. You will give anything that comes your way just to get it done yet it looks like all you have is troubles with no results.
From the beginning of our lives we have had to face one trouble or the other. Some are little and some are big but we are still here today because we went through them and are better off today. I remember how some of our teachers treated us back in school. Some of us felt like leaving the school. A few felt there’s no point going to school anymore. The other thing was that someone would come intermittently to encourage us and let us realize that the trouble will be worth it regardless of how hard it seems today.
Even as an undergraduate, I felt some of our lecturers were rude and insensitive. I thought they took advantage of us because they knew that we desperately wanted to be great in life and be equipped with the tool of education. They knew we were going to at least have the certificates for keeps even if we would not use it for job hunting. They did all they could but we sailed through.
When some of us got out of school, our thinking was that the trouble would be over with school. We didn’t seem to realize that life was going to present its own fresh and more complicated troubles. Some people celebrated their graduation from school more importantly because they felt they’ve scaled through the troubles of school and the bottle necks of school authority. 
Now we all see that we have to go through some troubles at every phase of our lives. They could be the troubles that we created for ourselves or the troubles thrown at us for who we are. The troubles could also be the type of troubles attracted to the opportunities open to us or the successes we have had. It is like having a pack of sugar in a place. Ants will find their way to that place. You want the sugar and not the ants but you can’t separate ants from sugar. So some troubles and opportunities are like ants and sugar. They smell each other and connect.
Please look beyond that trouble today. If you look at the troubles of today, and act based on that, you might throw away the opportunities of tomorrow.
The only kind of trouble I do not expect you to continue with is foolish labour. Even the Bible says, ‘The labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city.’ Ecclesiastes 10:15. It also says every labour has its own reward or profit.
Please don’t be down trodden. When your result finally comes, your effort over your business, wife, husband, children or family members, struggles for a degree, pursuit of real estate freedom or financial freedom of some sort will be worth it. Your pain will not be in vain.  

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