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I recently wrote about turbulence as it relates to a pilot’s preparedness to fly high and to land safely and I tried to tie it to the fact that if we must also fly high in life we have to be prepared to fly high through some turbulence in our lives as well. Just as I pondered more on the subject it then occurred to me that the turbulence I talked about in the previous article which you can find on or is the natural turbulence! So I thought, if that a natural turbulence then there’s got to be the artificial turbulence that we have created for ourselves in one way or the other!
I did say that the other words I found for turbulence are commotion, confusion, turmoil, disorder, unrest, instability, hurly-burly and uproar! When you take a good look at these words then you will see that they are things we create in our lives on daily basis intentionally or unintentionally just because of the way we live our lives or by the self-limiting beliefs that we have held unto and are now guiding our lives.
There are several ways through which we can create turbulence for our lives and some of them include: Pouring out negative words and expecting a different world with positive things
Not consciously speaking Positive words and forgetting that it’s easy for bad things to happen naturally but positive things have to be compelled to happen.
Refusal to create a plan for our lives in order to decide where we are going and who we are going to become.
Negligence of advice or wisdom from elders who have more experience
Spending everyday of our lives to work very hard just to acquire material things only to realize that you no longer have the energy to walk in old age and can no longer maintain the things you have bought or even lose your job before you planned to retire!
There are several other ways through which we impose turbulence on our lives but I just want to mention those few to get us thinking about those troubles that nobody sent into our lives but we specially sent them invitations to come into our lives! We really need to run a check on all the things that we believe, say and do because those are 3 simple ways through which we can create or invent turbulence for ourselves!
Are you experiencing some kind of stagnation in your life as your own turbulence, well the question is when was the last time you tried to move your life forward first with your mouth and then in your actions? I have been told that when there is motion on the inside then it is impossible for you to remain still on the outside! Many people do not realize that it is so easy to have natural chaos but when you want to have order you must deliberate create it the way you want it! Life is so simple but many people make it complicated for themselves just by being careless about what they do! Always remember that what you do today is a seed and you will definitely get your harvest very soon so if you are sowing the wrong seed you should be expecting some turbulence and you will not get out of such until you begin to re-create your situation!
If you take a look at what’s going on in your life and you can identify some of the turbulences you have created for yourself then you can begin to ask how you created them in the first place! Were they products of your habits, thoughts, beliefs or negligence? From here, you will know if it’s a habit that needs to stop or it’s a thought that needs to be replaced with a positive one or your just need to stop being negligent about certain things in your life!
Take a look at your life very well! Are there turbulences you created for yourself? Well, the good news is that you now know you could have created some turbulence for yourself and the better part is that you can turn things around so start now!
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