The typical dreamer | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Have you ever met anyone who can paint a picture for you so much so that what the person is saying will be so amusing to you? Have you met anyone who can paint hell fire so much so that you almost feel like going there? That’s the typical dreamer. When they talk to you about the most unpleasant things you will have a second thought at the end of the conversation.
When you meet a dreamer you will fantasize about anything they tell you. Even when nothing is on ground they can convince you about how other things will work. The natural dream is a very creative person.
These people will be able to create pictures in their minds and in their heads. You will marvel at the kind of imaginations they have or their ability to imagine things. I dare say that it is a great gift for them and they can use it to a great advantage. The greater good for them is that this imaginative ability comes with a great motivational force that drives them. It is hard to discourage people like this.
Have you ever met a dreamer before? He or she always has a new idea. He has something to say to you that is different from what you both discussed the last time you met. Even if it was yesterday that you met this dreamer you will still get something new from him or her.
A dreamer will have something new from what you can call dead. They always have tall dreams and sometimes, fantasies. You can hear them talking about what they constantly wish would happen.
You should not just disregard people like this because they are called dreamers. It is because of dreamers that we are in a better world today. It was a crazy idea for someone to think that a vehicle will be flying and will carry several people in it. It was a dreamer that thought about it and today we fly in planes. It was a dreamer that thought about cars rather than horses. If not for dreamers we will not have computers or the latest technological devices that we have today.
Many thanks to all the dreamers out there because they make the world a better place and we also should thank the dreamers whose dreams we can do nothing with but laugh. At least we can be grateful for the entertainment their imaginations offer when compared to the bad news that we have all around.
While it is a great thing to dream, it is also true that not all dreamers wake up to reality and do something about it. The reason we have the inventions and innovations that we are enjoying today is because of all the dreamers that woke up after dreaming. I am thankful for such people. If not for them, we will only fantasize about possibilities but never have realities.
If you have been a dreamer and you have so many dreams, I want to challenge you to wake up to reality. You dreams are nice but you should remember that you will not be honoured for the great dreams that you had and even shared with others. The main thing that will bring honour to you is the dreams that you shared and also worked on to make it a reality.
As a child, you will be admired for having lofty ideas but as an adult you will only be admired for proven results! Get up dreamer and make that dream happen!

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