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Having taken a good look at the dreamer, it will be nice to strike the balance by taking a look at the realist as well. It from this view that we can now understand both the realist and the dreamer then we know how to integrate them into our work space in organisations and also relate with them in our personal lives.
We also should not forget that we also fall into one of the categories so the balancing that needs to be done will also begin from us. You are either a realist or a dreamer. What matters is not which one you are but how well you can make use of it for your productivity in what you have set your hands on.
By the time you meet a realist, you will first see someone who might be very blunt and straight to the point. Despite being blunt, some of them may not be pushy or forceful about it. In fact, there are many of them who will be very gentle and calm in their manner of approach. That notwithstanding, you will feel if from their voice that they are resolute.
In a conversation, they will be the ones to check mate the excesses of the guys with sugar coated mouth. Just as the sugar coated mouth guy is talking, they are already tackling him or her. They don’t want you talking about anything thing that seems far-fetched.
The person who is perceived as a realist or who calls himself a realist does not like to work with imaginations most times. He or she will want to work with facts and figures. When you say something to him the next thing he will be asking for is proof. When you say something to him and you can’t proof it you just might be wasting your time. A realist thinks that you are working with assumptions or you are trying to engage faith but he wants you out of the dream zone.
In the business world where a dreamer can step out and make business decisions that he does not have the financial power to back up immediately, a realist will wait till the time he has the financial power to back it up. A realist is not the type that thinks things will happen as he moves along. They just don’t operate like that most times. They want to be sure things are happening or that they have happened already before moving into things.
Typically, they are the kind of people that will count their cost before going into anything. You can say they don’t want to be caught off guard. They like to be seen as being prepared most of the time.
It can be a bit hard to work with someone who is called a realist or who proclaims himself as a realist some times. That’s because if he or she is not careful, he might be killing ideas, creativity and imaginations because he discards them as just fantasies. A few others are smart enough not to discard those ideas but they hold unto them while looking for something substantial that they can hold unto.
I believe that we need realists on this earth just as much as we need the dreamers. The motivated realist will thank you for dreaming and remind you that it’s time to get to work. Whatever they say they always want to have results for it so some of the people called realists are result oriented. They tell you something and they want to be able to show you rather than just saying it.
You can call the realist the finisher while you call the dreamers the starter. When a dreamer dreams and they come in, they will easily tell the dreamer where he or she seems to be dreaming too much or where the ideas may be far from reality in the given time.
If you don’t have a realist in your team as a company or in your personal life, you just might be taking some decisions with no one to checkmate them and later in life you will realize you have gotten your fingers burnt.
A realist can be someone whose current life decisions or view of life is determined by some past experiences in life. While past experiences should not deter us from dreaming big and looking into the brighter side of life, we still must learn from some past experiences.
Now if you are a realist, you also need to be very careful so that you are not eventually seen as a sadist or someone who is naturally opposed to change, progress, innovation and creativity. If you think someone is dreaming too much or fantasizing, you need to encourage them first and bring them to see the practical things they need to do for results to come. Strike a balance if not you will be easily seen as an enemy to be avoided.

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