The vision is for a time │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes when you receive a vision and it looks like things are not working according to what you heard or saw it is easy to start fretting. You don’t have to fret when you think you have a vision and not seem to be working yet. One of the most important things you have to always remember and as well hold tightly unto is the fact that the vision is for an appointed time. When you do not bear in mind that every vision is timed, then you will want to achieve certain things before their time. What usually happens when you want to do something before its time is that you will become frustrated.
You can save yourself the feeling of frustration or the troubles that come with working very hard without results if you understand the right timing for any vision that you have conceived. I remember someone like Dr. David Oyedepo will always talk about the fact that he got the vision to build a fifty thousand capacity auditorium in the year 1982. The vision did not come to pass until 1999. He would also say that if he had attempted to start the vision before the time he started it, he would died with ever other person working on the project with him.
There are so many people with great ideas but they have killed the ideas by bringing them out too early. Some just frustrated themselves by trying out the idea and they spent all their resources. So when it is time for the idea to commence properly they will tell you that they are not interested anymore. Some may even tell you it not possible. It is not that the project is not possible. The only thing is that you started the project before you were meant to so you have used up all the resources and energy that you were supposed to reserve. The point here is that when you set out for a project before it is time you are likely to burn out.
I would like to say that it is important to have a vision and to have the passion to start working on it immediately. Even though you have to work on your vision immediately, remember that there is a process for the vision and some of the things you have to do include:
1. Write the vision. Many more things will come up in your mind after the first idea so keep writing and fine tuning.
2. Ask yourself what will be needed for the vision to be accomplished and also write that down.
3. Go and develop yourself if you need to acquire more skills or read more about the vision so as to be prepared.
Spend time thinking about the vision and digesting it over and over again.
4. Think about the people you will need on the vision because you will not be able to do it on your own.
Many people don’t go through the process listed above and they just rush out into what they call their vision. I have not made the list in any particular order but there is no way you will be able to work on a vision without going through that process.
If it looks like things are not working right now, don’t be discouraged. Just be sure that you are well prepared for the vision you are working on and be sure that it is the right time for the vision to be worked upon. It may not be a bad idea to stop what you are doing right now if you realize that you have started out before time. It is better to stop, retreat and equip yourself for the vision then come back stronger to do something better.
The vision is always for an appointed time and if you set out before the time of the vision, you will only end up being frustrated. Before the time of the vision, just keep preparing so that you will be truly ready when it’s time for the vision.

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