The wrong picture of victory | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Many of us have been presented with a picture of what victory ought to look like. Over time we stuck with that picture and anything that does not align with that picture is not acceptable to us. It is the picture that makes victory look flawless. Victory plays out as a video in our minds and from start to finish there is no memory of pain. It is sweet and we find it easy to jump at so that we can have our own record of victory.
Unfortunately, victory is not like that. Think about the many real victories that people experience from time to time. The victor can sometimes be someone who has been battered, knocked down, kicked off the stage, beaten to stupor and there is barely any energy left to fight back but in one moment he sees the opponent carried away in his temporary victory and takes advantage of that.
Victory is not a flawless life. It is not about having it smooth all through but making it to the end and ending well. So many things will go wrong on the way. Sometimes it will look like you will not make it to the end. When you should be looking at the end and getting ready to rejoice that you have almost finished, something else can come up and that may just deter you from finishing the race of you are not careful.
One of the reasons we see little discouragements on our way to success in life and we want to run back is because of the picture of success that others have presented to us. They have given us the impression that success will be so easy. You will just have to start and once you start, stay focused and you will finish. They tell you that all you have to do is to keep looking at the finish line and that will help you finish without fail.
What happens when you are looking at the finish line and something you can’t explain just trips you off? What do you do when you have everything figured out and just when you were putting the finishing touches to your plan, something messed everything up?
Victory is really sweet but that is usually at the end. Many people forget to tell us about this. They just show us the part where someone struggled for a while and then the person became successful. They don’t show us the pains they secretly nursed and they madness they had to endure or the crazy things that happened for which they almost ran mad.
It is not my job to scare you. I have an important duty to encourage you but the right way to encourage people sometimes is to let them know about the discouraging moments they will have to go through and prepare their minds for it. Sometimes the way to encourage is to let people have their minds prepared for challenges and also make them understand that they are not alone in such struggles.
If you are discouraged right now and you have been giving up too soon on anything you are doing, please check if you have fixed your gaze on the wrong picture of victory or you need to change something else that you are doing.
Once you have done your check and the picture of victory is the issue, then you need to focus more on those who got their victory but we also know what they suffered. You need to focus on those who had it rough at some point and finally made it through.
We often create a mirage by look at successful people with no trace of personal struggles, pains, sacrifices, bruises or scars. We look for those with the perfect picture of success only for us to get on the journey and realise there is no such thing as perfect victory.
Help yourself out today and don’t cause yourself additional pains. Take the gaze off the wrong picture of victory.

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