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Many of us seem to get used to doing things in a particular way and when we also drive we seem to stick to driving on a particular route all the time even though there are other ways that we can use. There are those who get used to sitting in a particular place when they go for public meetings and they have almost fixed themselves into a mechanical mode such that you can almost tell the next thing they will do since that’s what they’ve always done. While it may look like things are easy for us to do when we do them in a particular way, it is also important for us to notice that if we close our eyes towards those other ways of doing things we might shut ourselves out completely when the way we are used to doing things is no longer available.
I am one of those who used to take a particular route to work almost on daily basis and when other people try to suggest to me that there are other ways and they even seem better than the ways I am used to, it takes a while for me to adjust to the newly suggested ways and to use them on my own without anyone telling me to use them again. When we get used to a particular way of doing things, we might be prone to attacks from other people. If it is a business situation and you are always doing things in a particular way them your competition will have an advantage because they already know what to expect from you and you really don’t know what to expect from them. While you are thinking about what you can do to beat them in the market they have already done what they need to in order to beat you in the market because you have just one known way of doing things.
Life as it is also requires being a very flexible person and you must not always put your foot down to say this is the only way of doing this thing or this is the only route we can take to get to where we are going. You need to be open to suggestions and at the end of the day you will realize that it pays off to be open and try out new things. When you try out new things your also become more dynamic and you are seen as someone who is versatile rather than being the individual who has a linear pattern of thinking. You thinking and everything about you can be predicted! There’s no element of surprise and you have just become so boring by doing things in just one way.
There are other ways of doing things apart from the one you are used to right now. You don’t have to stick to just one way. If it looks like you do not have other ways at the moment you need to look and as well ask people. When you have other ways of doing things you will not be boxed into a corner in cases of emergencies and when it comes to business you have the advantage of not being predictable because the competitors you have will not know what your options are.
Learn to go about things differently and not just in one way all the time. When we get used to doing things in a particular way and doing it that way no longer works, we might think that all hope is lost even though there are other open doors we have refused to look at! There are other ways! Keep that in mind!
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