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Many of us want a very colourful future and are really looking forward to that future but we often forget one vital thing about getting the colourful future that wed desire! We are not just to wait for the future that we desire! We are to create it with all the creative force in our hearts and mouths! We have been given a mouth, according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, not just for kissing but to speak the word!
The first and the uncertain future is the one that so many people walk into most of their lives and they turn round to tell others that there is something called destiny which you cannot choose. They are of the opinion that destiny just happens and it is not something you can control. They think that someone out there chooses destiny for you and all you have to do is just wait for the destiny to happen for you. Well they are partially correct to say that you have no responsibility in choosing your destiny but it is absolutely untrue for anyone to tell you that you are to wait for destiny to happen or that you have no role to play in making the destiny happen. For these set of people who just wait for their future, they certainly walk into a future filled with uncertainties! They are the people who have said over the years that they do not know the things that will befall them and they obviously walk into that future without a description! You cannot afford to live your life like this and continue to expect a future that happens to you by chance and not by choice!
There’s the other future that some people get themselves into consciously and they make it happen for themselves! There are no uncertainties in this type of future! There are only surprises! In this type of future where they understand that the power of life and death lies in the tongue, they speak forth – creating with their mouth the things that they want to see in their future and they get nothing short of what they have spoken forth with their mouth! Some of the people who launch into this kind of future even go beyond just having the future that they desire, they also get it to the details and I’m talking about colours or even figures that they have specified for themselves.
I have said it to so many people in some of my speaking engagements how I have created a future for myself and I know it works so I’m not talking about something I read in the book or have heard some other great speakers talk about. One of the most popular experiences I usually give was when I was a first year student in secondary school and I said I was going to become the Senior Prefect without knowing how it was going to happen. At some point, it didn’t look like it was going to happen but it eventually happened. I also remember representing my University in a Model United Nations Conference and I said I was going to become the Secretary General. I went ahead to contest elections but the election was cancelled that year because of some hoodlums so the position became an appointment and the following year, I was appointed the Secretary General.
I must confess that these experiences have become like a premise that I can now use to build a logic for my future by saying, ‘if it happened before in my life in the areas of positions I got without my own effort, then it can happen for me in several other areas.’ You must not leave your future to a chance because you have a choice! Well I also admit that the two choices you have include either making a choice to use your mouth or not making a choice to use your mouth. Either way, remember that there’s the future you create and there’s the future that just happens and you can choose the one you walk into!
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