When God was going to use Moses to deliver Isrealites from Egypt, He first of all made Moses realize that the rod in his hands was going to be useful in effecting the change that He needed to bring about. When He was going to use Ezekiel He asked him, ‘what do you see?’ when He wanted to use Samuel He started with his ears. When it was time to make Solomon do something He used his head. In Saul’s palace He used David’s harp. In the camp of the enemy he used Samson’s hands.


Whatever happens in any nation begins with what the people in that nation have. It may seem like we do not have what it takes to change our nation. Sometimes our imagination might sound too beautiful to be real. We may get scared about failing at getting things done. People around may never believe in what we are talking about.


Whatever you imagine is within your ability to achieve only if you begin to see the hidden usefulness of the things that you have. My life began to change by putting my thinking on paper. Every man has the ability to think but only a few realize that thinking is a tool for the change that they desire.


Two funny preachers were walking into the temple one day when they saw a beggar who expected they were going to give him money. They didn’t give him money. As a matter of fact they told him they don’t have money to give him but what they have they would give to him. They truly didn’t have money and the beggar must have thought they shouldn’t have waited to talk to him when they didn’t have money because he would have missed the people who would give him money while talking to them. Eventually they gave him a service that lifted him from being a beggar to being a giver. Guess what! He started giving immediately. What was the first thing he gave you would ask. He gave thanks!


You may not have money to give to your nation so as to solve a major national problem. You may not be a famous man for now. You may not wear the kind of clothes that will attract people to you but I am so convinced that there is something in your hand that can effect a great change in our nation. Mine is first of all the ability to speak and then the ability to write. For some other people it is their hatred for injustice. There are people who would also convert the compassion inside them to business. The things that seem so useless around you might be carrying the miracle you have been hoping for.


Your potential is also a tool. Make it commercial. When you are good, you are large. When you are large, you are in charge. When you are in charge, people want your attention. When people want your attention, you change destinies! When you change destinies, you are a relevant person.


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