There is greatness within you | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Some years ago, I used to see a television commercial from a big brewing company in Nigeria. The tv commercial had an interesting line and I think it was also a controversial one. They said, there is a drop of greatness in every bottle. When I saw it, I began to wonder how a bottle of beer offers greatness to anyone.
Now I think that those who do not have their self esteem intact will always think that a bottle of beer can actually offer them greatness. No it can’t. If there is no greatness within you, nothing on the outside can offer that to you.
I make bold to remind you or to inform you that there is greatness within you. Yes, you. You came into this world with greatness and you carry it all over with you. There is nothing on the outside that can offer you greatness. Let no man deceive you.
If you don’t recognise the greatness within, you will certainly be looking for something that’s inferior to what you carry within you. Many people today get into trouble because they are looking for greatness on the outside. They think that becoming great has to do with someone they meet or something the become. They erroneously think that greatness will come to them when they meet some other great people and just start rolling with them.
I understand that for so long, the society has painted a wrong picture of greatness. So we think that once we see people on television from time to time, then they are great. We think that once someone can sing, put in for an audition, win a tv reality show then they are great. While some of those things may be connected to greatness in one way or the other, I dare say that what you see on the outside is nothing compared to the real greatness. You should also note, as I like to emphasise, that the real greatness is not what you get from outside. Greatness is what you unleash from within.
You can only become great by unleashing something from within. The laws governing greatness usually work like the laws of giving and receiving. You prosper more when you give and not when you receive. So you become great when you give or release what you carry within and not when you take what is available around you.
Please be informed or reminded that platforms don’t make you great. And I say that will all sincerity, regardless of how big the platforms are. That’s why when some people are talking about the platforms that some people got, they say ‘that platform brought him or her to limelight.’ That’s to tell you the person already had greatness within. The greatness just needed a platform for expression.
I am very certain about the fact that you also have greatness within you. There is nothing that is big enough to stop you if you don’t want to be stopped. You are really great and all you have to do is to unlock the greatness within you.
For too long, you have carried the greatness within while looking for something on the outside. You were hoping that the thing on the outside will make you great. Again, nothing on the outside can make you great. Those things on the outside can only cooperate with what you have on the inside for your greatness to be unleashed.
Now that you know about your greatness from within or have been reminded of the greatness that you carry, you must begin that journey to unleash the greatness. Just let it flow from within you and you will be amazed that how cheap greatness can be sometimes. 

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