There’s no law against dreaming big! | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Towards the end of each year some people begin to take stock and look at the things they wish they had done but did not do. A few others forget about the things they could not do and begin to look at the things they can do in the new year. For those who are already looking at what they can do in the new year, I just quick need to say that you should make your dreams very clear and more important, remember there is no law against dreaming big!
If all your dreams are within your reasonable and limited resources then I can boldly say that what you call a dream has no element of faith. If you can achieve anything by planning within only what you have then it cannot be called a dream! Its just what you could have done if you had some more discipline!
In order to make your year a different one from the previous ones, you will have to be willing to take some risks you have not taken before and in this case I think the first risk you have to take is the risk of dreaming big! If you have the courage to dream then you are giving your mind a chance to display its real capacity. I want to challenge you to allow your mind work at a higher capacity than it has always worked before now! Go beyond setting goals that your salary can accommodate! Work with your mind to think outside the box and think about what you would love to do if you truly have all the money in the world.
It is not lack of money that does not allow people to dream. It is the limitation called fear. Some people want to wait till they have enough money to begin to dream but do not understand that lifes resources do not take instructions from those who have mere wishes. The resources of life come out from wherever they are hiding when they hear the voice of real dreamers who are taking all the necessary action to make their dreams work.
There’s another perspective to dreaming big and I will want to put it in a simple way.
When you have the courage to dream big,
God has enough resources to make it happen.
You have to always remember that God created you and theres no way your mind can imagine what God cannot make happen for you! If theres anything you can imagine, just know that God can effortlessly make it happen!
Stop the self-limiting thoughts that confine you to one small part of your minds capacity. If all you ever want to do is to plan within your visible resources, let me remind you that if change is constant then you do not have the power to keep those visible resources at their current value and you may even lose them totally!
By the way, what do you have to lose from dreaming big! You still eat the same amount of food you have been eating, you dont consume more electricity to dream big, you dont have to buy more gas to dream big and you do not need an extra mind! If not, why not? Go ahead and make your life a different one by dreaming differently this time! Just dream and keep working at it!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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