These things make us thicker | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

These things make us thicker | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
We often get into situations where we wonder why some of the things around us are happening and some of those things seem tougher than the things we can bear. We feel those things are going to kill us or break us at some points. We keep wondering why those things should ever happen to us despite our integrity or skills or professionalism at various things. I really do not have an intelligent answer for all the questions you may seem to produce because of the challenges you are going through but I have an idea about why those things are happening.
These things are for a purpose and one thing we must keep in mind Is the fact that they make us thicker! There was a time I was going through a tough season and because of the emotions attached to the situation I wrote an article title Dont let this waiting kill me. The waiting may not kill you but theres more to not being killed by the waiting. The important part of the waiting process for whatever you are waiting for or the challenges you have is to come out thicker than you were.
There were times in my life when people who didnt seem to be as good as me were making a head way at some things and I was wondering why these things were happening to me. When I finished from the university I had a few challenges with my final year project and my lecturer just proved unnecessarily difficult. While he was wasting my time my colleagues were moving on! At some point I was speaking so often but the result I had as a speaker did not match my ability as a speaker or my brand. My brand was bigger than my results and that was not really an interesting period in my life.
When some of these things were going on I had people who insulted me as a result of the situation. Some other people that I went to for help refused to help me and things just didnt add up the way I wanted them to. For a long time I just had to keep believing that these things were not going to last a life time. They were only going to be for a while.
Today as I reflect on all those challenges, I realize that they are the things that make me thicker. Everybody has a story to tell and some people have sweet stories to tell but I have a new perspective now. I actually think that those who have the sweeter story to tell are those who have had reasons to be bitter! In those times when we felt bitter about the situations or about the people who didnt seem to give a helping hand, our inner man was being strengthened. We were not only getting wiser but were getting stronger and thicker.
I was once in a situation where my father was on the sick bed for a while and he went in and out of the hospital over a period of three years but finally died. It was six months after I got into the university that my fathers health started failing in and he died when I had a semester left in school. Those were really tough and trying times because I did not get the best of him as a father in my university days and to even think about those days when he went into the operation room more than once.
When I stand to speak today I can say that I am not speaking as a result of empty passion. I am speaking based on the things that have made me thicker. I look at a number of speakers and realize what they have is passion just based on the knowledge acquired from reading. When two people get up to speak, the one with knowledge acquired through challenges always has a better and more inspiring story to tell.
I am not asking you to settle down into the challenges and shut your brain. I am asking you to put your brain to work in the middle of the situation and let the situation show you things you didnt know. Let the situation teach you lessons you cannot learn in the four walls of a class. Let the situation make you someone that a training school cannot make you. Whatever happens, remember that the situation was meant to make you thicker!
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