They didn’t say it was easy | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Did you get into what you are doing right now because someone told you it was easy? I am not sure people told you it was easy because no one told me it was going to be easy. They only told me it was nice and would be a great idea if I did it. They encouraged me since they found out that it was something I was good at. Nobody told me it would be easy.
It is possible that you have already been thinking about how some people got you into something and didn’t tell you how hard it would be. You thought they tricked you into it or manipulated you into doing it. While it seems as though you have been manipulated, you should reflect again on the things you are doing right now.
After the reflection you will see that it is going to be worth the while but the process may not just be an easy one. You want to be a great lawyer? The process will be worth it but it will not be easy. Do you want to be a medical doctor? It will be a nice title to carry but you have to sweat it out before having that title in front of your name. are you planning to become an engineer? That’s very possible but there are processes to go through and sacrifices to make every now and then that will not make it look very easy.
If things were easy everyone would achieve anything and success would become common place. There would be no need to succeed anymore since anyone can succeed without even striving hard for the success.
Always bear in mind that whatever you are going to have and also keep for a long time will not come cheaply except it will not add any value to you. There are times when you will feel like sleeping but you know if you go to sleep then it’s as good as letting of the dream at that point. You will have to spend several sleepless nights to make some things work. Your resources will go into it so much that you might be spending your last dime on it. All your energy and contacts will be drawn into some of the things you need to do.
As you already know, especially if you have been following my writing, circumstances will naturally discourage you from trying very hard. When you push a little there might be those who will tell you not to kill yourself. They will tell you that you have tried. They will encourage you to relax but when you observe those people secretly, they are pushing hard to get the things that they want.
Should I tell you or remind you that anyone who says you should relax while pushing for what you want in life is not really a friend of yours. They may appear to be encouraging you and it’s true, but they are only encouraging you to fail and remain a mediocre.
The real person or the real friend is the one who tells you that it may not be easy but it will be worth the while. There was a joke that used to go around in Nigeria some years back. A man saw the child of another man prospering so well and traveling around the world. Each time the young man comes home he would bring good stuff for the people and that man who saw him.
Interestingly this young prospering man had a certain phrase each time the old man asked him how things are going for him. He would always answer by saying ‘it’s not easy.’ After a while the old man said, ‘you keep saying it’s not easy. You bought a car. It’s not easy but you built a house. It’s not easy and you are getting all the good things of life.’ So the old man decided to pray for his own son and his prayer was, ‘as it is not easy for that young man and he is prospering, it will not be easy for my child. As it is not easy for him and he travels abroad regularly, it will not be easy for my child.’
The man could not understand how someone would say it’s not easy and was prospering. Well I guess the young man was talking about the sacrifices he had to make. Maybe it was about the times he had to take insults from other people or spend less time sleeping and more time walking. It could also be the financial discipline he endured. Whatever it is, he paid the price for his success and could confidently say it was not easy.
When I say it is not easy it does not mean I am negative. It’s just about being real and bracing up yourself to face what’s ahead. You already have an idea of what you’re up against even before you start. Remember that it may not come easy but it will always be worth the while. You should keep at what you are working towards. You should never give up. You have to work hard until it works out.  

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