They think they know it all – Habits of unsuccessful people 1 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Have you ever met people who think they know everything? It can be very amusing to watch them mess themselves up and at the same time it can be very annoying.
When someone thinks that he or she knows it all then he or she has already imbibed one habit of unsuccessful people. Some quick things you will see that can happen to that person will include:

  1. It becomes very difficult or almost impossible for that person to learn anything
  2. Others will begin to avoid the person
  3. He loses valuable lessons as a result of pride
  4. People will see that he does not know and refuse to help him since he does not want to learn
  5. He will always mess himself up wherever he goes

It costs you know to say or admit that you don’t know it all and nobody does. There is nothing to be ashamed about.
I have been in several meetings with people who expect me to know certain things or know certain people. When they ask if I know those people and I say no, they become very shocked but I can’t possibly know everyone. At that point they begin to educate me and I start knowing more.
Sometimes after they have mentioned that to me I get online to do a research or ask the person talking to me more questions.
The most intelligent people in the world don’t know everything. What you will find is that most of us have developed our brains in one area. That is why there is a word called specialization. Even in the field of specialization, you will realize that you still don’t know it all. There are a few things that others will still know more than you do.
It is a terrible disease to try and make every other person around you think that you know it all or act like you know it all.
There is a Yoruba proverb that says, ‘Ile-Ife was established by the joint wisdom of the young and the old.’ In another light, the proverb simply means you are better off with the knowledge that you gain from others. You bring what you know to the table and also gain from other people.
It is very important to also note that with the ‘know it all attitude’, it will be extremely difficult to lead people. Those you are leading will try to give you suggestions on better ways things can be done. you will keep trying to prove to them that you are the boss and at a point they will just leave you to mess things up.
You should never get to that level of putting yourself to shame before you realize the importance of being humble and learning from other people.
Remember, you are not expected to know it all and no one in the world is expected to know it all so do not crucify yourself if you don’t know so much. There will only be a problem if you are not always learning.

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