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Have you been in a situation where you are trying really hard to convince some people around you to listen to your dream and to believe in it? Did you notice that on so many occasions you struggled to even get them to listen and at the end of the day they still did not believe or take any action proving that they believed what you said? My dear, stop trying so hard to convince other people about your dreams or visions because they will not understand.
It is not a new thing. This is something that has always happened hundreds of years before you and I were born. People have spoken about their visions to other people and they did not just understand or chose not to believe what those people said. It is not even your persuasive skills that will make them change their minds about your vision or get them to believe in your dreams.
Starting from the Bible days, people have spoken and others have mocked them. Noah spoke about rain coming upon the earth but people did not believe him until the day the rain started. People can be naturally sceptical of anything that sounds nice, rosy and even so good. Some will tell you that it is too good to be true.
While you are struggling to get them to believe in your dreams, you are draining yourself of the energy that you have in you yet they are putting up more frustrating actions. You thought that it will be nice for them to just see what you see and understand what you are talking about. Unfortunately, the more you talk about it the more they just turn deaf ears to what you want them to believe in.
After a while you become disappointed and you say that nobody believes in you. stop struggling to get people to believe in you or to understand your vision because they will not understand it. It is not what you say that will make them understand. No matter how clear the vision is many will not understand.
As I was growing up with so many dreams in my heart, I tried to get people to believe in my dreams and visions but I later found out that I was wasting my time. Everything I said fell on deaf ears. I also learnt that the only thing to do is to work hard at the vision of your heart, begin to get results and those you were trying to beg to believe in you will naturally come after you.
It is when you don’t have results that you will be begging people to understand you. The moment you start producing results you will never have to beg them anymore. I noticed that I wanted some people to believe in me but they did not and when I went out, those who don’t know me at all are the ones who will confidently say that they believe in me and they can see how far I will go in life. Those far away from you might see what those who are close to you will never see.
I understand that we all need encouragement and when we get some of those encouragements, we are energized to go further in life with our pursuits. Let me also say that encouragement is not the only motivation for success in life. There are those who began to succeed because there was no encouragement for them. That sounds strange. But I understand some people made up their mind, seeing that no one as ready to help them, to do everything they need to do so long as it is legitimate in order to succeed.
Please stop going around trying so hard to convince people about your dreams. They just will never understand. You go about what you are supposed to be doing. By the time your results come, they will not only understand but they will come to you.   
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