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One major lesson I have learnt in life is that you will need a thick skin for every new phase in your life. If you don’t develop a thick skin you will soon find yourself crumbling under every situation rather than facing it. The issue is sometimes like that of an animal and human being that are both scared of each other. The loser will be the first person to show the inner fear and the other person whose fear has been hidden can then exhibit some courage.
The new phase can be a new level or New Year or new responsibility. There are challenges that come with all of those phases and when you don’t brace up for them the smallest of those challenges can tear you apart.
You would have had some challenges yesterday or in the previous years but that does not mean you will not have another one this year. The only thing is that you may not go through the same phase of challenges again if you have learnt your lessons and have done the needful.
To develop a thick skin for a new phase does not mean you become nonchalant to the issues you are supposed to face. Having a thick skin does not mean you will not respond to the challenges or deal with them. The most important thing is that you will not be shaken by those challenges you are now facing. They will come but your mind will be prepared for them.
What even makes you overcome the challenges is how well prepared your mind is to face them. You may have a situation where some people have the solution to their challenges but they still will not face those challenges because they are afraid. They will hold on to the solution but will not do what is needed.
Get ready in this new phase of your life. People will say no to some of your propositions but you can’t afford to let that shake you. You will be in some situations where there are so many things to be done urgently but with very limited resources to move ahead. You can’t let that determine your mood or take over your mind and get you worried.
To have a thick skin really means that there are challenges around you but none of it can get into your mind and make you lose your mind. It is like insulating your mind against anything that wants to drive you crazy. You need to expect some of those things to come. They will really want to drive you crazy. You may find someone who should help you and is refusing to help you even though the person obviously has all it takes to help you. You will present some nice ideas that should not meet any opposition but you will find people fighting it.
If you have your mind prepared for such you will just look forward to the next step and face it. In fact, before those things happen you would have prepared a possible scene that can play out so as soon as resistance comes you are already doing the next thing you planned out.
The reason some people failed before now is not because they do not have a great plan. As far as life or business is concerned, they have it all planned out. Some of the people with the best business proposals and business plans have everything well laid out and were also ready to execute but they did not have the thick skin to get through the plans.
My dear friend, you will need a thick skin to get through most of the things you want to do in this new phase. You will soon find out that you need more than intelligence or strategy. Your mind has to be ready for resistance from known and unknown people. You need to get yourself ready for anything that wants to discourage you. Arm yourself with the necessary tools to fight through till you access the next phase of your life.
Get ready! To succeed in life you need more than brains!

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