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While some are complaining bitterly that they do not have a job and have also gotten to that level where they would take on any job that crosses their paths, there are those who have a job and have been pushed so hard that they cannot see any other door apart from the exit door of the organisation. In some cases it could be about the office politics that you will find in most organisations and in some others it could just be about greed business owners paying peanuts and asking for people’s heads in return. For some it’s really not about the expectation from their superiors but it’s about the inability to relate excellently well with some other colleagues in the office.
There are several things that can make you feel it’s time to give up on the job you have at the moment and I humbly suggest that when you think about giving up your job then you need to first consider the alternative to your job! Are you just giving up the job just becaue you do not want to go through the pressure any more or you are giving up the job for something else that is well thought out and can still sustain you with a decent income every month? Have you truly consider how you might have to work twice as hard when you leave your job and start something on your own? It’s a good thing to start something for yourself and I always encourage people to do that but I also suggest to them to have the plan properly carried out and by that I mean you don’t just pull out from a place to go and start a business with no prior preparation except something comes up suddenly.
Beyond pulling out I wanted to write this mainly for those who have to stay and face the pressure. You can choose to face the pressure by appearing tough and taking the fire-for-fire approach against anyone who wants to come against you but you often find that this approach makes things worse. On the long run you will take the office issues beyond the office and the issue becomes personal. You should never let the desire to execute tasks from another man’s business become the reason you hate others so much that you don’t even mind doing criminal things against them just to get even! How to make your skin thicker:
1. Put in your best always on the job.
2. Have your exit plan from the day you enter and keep following the plan
3. Ignore things that do not hinder the execution of your job.
4. Create a plan that helps you work around deadlines.
5. Some people may be doing something to you so you can decide to resign! When you decide to pull out in this case then they have won!
6. Keep your heart open with evryone.
7. Increase your patience because of those who may want to pick on you verbally.
8. Be prepared for that superior who’s never satisfied!
9. If you notice someone complains often about what you do then you need to know the person’s objective and also
see how you can improve if there’s need for improvement.
10. Avoid office caucus because it can easily get you into trouble
11. Limit office gossips because when you start you have to keep it going until you get into trouble.
12. Always get enough rest after work! Sometimes you need to learn how to leave office work in the office for those
who are workaholics.
13. If you don’t like the job anymore you should personally work your way out. If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time
before you are thrown out!
You also need to take a look at some of the people who have been in the job longer than you and see what they did to remain on the job regardless of pressure and all other challenges arising from doing that job. Always remember that there are a thousand people out there who want the job that you have and until you have another, you can’t throw this one away and you cannot allow any pressure to may you throw the job away just like that.
Keep working smart and like we way in Nigeria, ‘Mind your business’ because that’s another way to be thick skinned against the work place pressure.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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