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As human beings we all respond or react to stimulus. It means that there are things that determine the way we act and the way we think all the time. If we will put this in another way then we will say that there are things that influence us. These things influence our thoughts, our words and actions. All the things that influence us or make us react and respond are things that we must pay attention to. When we refuse to pay attention to the things that influence our lives, those things will continue to control our lives.
We must also know that there are positive and negative influences. We want the positive influence and we do not want the negative influence. When we want the positive influence and we are not getting enough, there are things we can do. When we also notice that the negative influences are more in our lives, we also have roles to play in reducing them. However, we cannot increase the influence that we want or reduce the influence that we do not want when we are not conscious of the influence.
While thinking on the issue and the power of influence one day, I started thinking about the most important things that influence us. I really want this to be clear to people as well so that we can begin to work on them. The result of that day is the list that you have below. I was able to come up with some major things that influence all human beings and they are:
1. People – Other people are a great influence in our lives and if we are not careful, they will take total control of our lives while we are trying to figure out what to do without own lives. Some people go beyond just trying to influence others and start manipulating. The people into whose hands you were born will have a great influence on your life. The people that you also relate with will have a great influence in your life. If you are relating with the right people then you will have the right influence and when you relate with the wrong people there will be trouble. It is very important that you relate with people who know where they are going in life and what they want to become. People who can help you achieve greatness in life.
2. Places – If you are born in some places you may naturally think like a rich person and when you are also born in some places you will naturally think like a poor person. The places you visit will to a great extent have some influences on you. If you visit only local places where nothing is exceptional, you will never attempt to imagine exceptional things. When you now step out of your local vicinity and visit great places, your thinking will change. It is for this reason that people should sometimes just go out of their usual places to visit the kinds of places they have never been to.
3. Books – Books definitely have a great influence on all the people who read. If you are reading the right books then you will think right, dream big and attempt to achieve greatness. If you also read the wrong books you remain a mediocre and will never achieve a quarter of what you are capable of achieving. I have heard of people reading the wrong kinds of books that almost turned them mad. I have also heard about people whose lives were totally transformed for good because of the kinds of books they read
4. Media – Many of us unconsciously expose ourselves to the power influence of the media. We watch television on daily basis and we listen to radio every day but we hardly take note of their influence on us. There are certain programmes you watch or listen to and you are already addicted to. They tell you to do something and almost without thinking you go and do it. They also tell you something does not work and you simply believe that it does not work. You have to be very careful about television and radio programmes and commercials. Have you not noticed that sometimes you hear some commercials repeatedly and when you are alone you start singing those commercials. You don’t need to make special effort to know them. You simply know them by listening and watching.
5. Environment – Even though I had talked about places, I still use the word environment because it is in a way different from a physical place. Your environment matters. What you see in your environment is a great influence over your life. If you are not careful it will either limit you or make you great. If you are in a self-limiting environment, try your best to get out.
6. Money – I think I cannot but smile when this issue comes up. Everyone talks about money. So many people have gone as far as killing other people because of money. So many people are lying everyday because of money. There are people who quickly log on to computer systems, change figures and act as if nothing happens. You have people in position of power who claim to have a sincere heart and as soon as they see money, everything changes. Money is a great influence. You can be power drunk when you have money and it is still possible to be rich and still be humble. As a matter of fact, being truly wealthy is it have a lot of money and never be under the influence of the money but to be the one controlling the money.
7. Food – There are people whose destinies can still be changed because of food. If you want to kill them you can easily kill them by offering them any kind of food. They do not think once they see food. They simply want to have the food. They will eat anything and everything. Food is a great influence and you need to be careful not to allow food cut your life short. Food is supposed to prolong your life but when food unduly controls you, it will eventually cut your life short. Everybody eats but you are supposed to do all things in moderation. You need to be wise enough to know when someone wants to use food to take away your birthrights and destiny.
Now that you know the things that influence you, I suggest you work hard on those ones that can influence you positively and reduce or be more careful about the ones that can influence you negatively. So many people have said that leadership is influence. If leadership is simply influence, it therefore means that all those things and people listed above can actually lead you.
Always bear in mind that your life is a product of influence and you must constantly choose the right influence to get your desired life!
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