Thinking small is your greatest undoing │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have seen physically small men who do not in any way think small and I have seen physically big men whose thoughts are amazingly annoying. That clearly tells you that the thoughts in people’s minds have nothing to do with their physical size. You should remember that you were given your head and a sound mind so that you can think clearly, consistently and in a big way. If you were also expected to think you were not expected to think in a small way or about things that don’t move your life too far. If all you were expected to think about were only small things then it would have been a lot better to have more machines than human beings that can do all the small thinking. I have seen people whose lives have not changed in more than ten years and some others have not changed their lives in over twenty years not because of any other thing but because they constantly think small.
If not for small thinking, how can someone keep a small shop for more than thirty years and instead of expanding, the shop is getting smaller by the day? I think I once mentioned that there is an area where I grew up and there were some shops in that area since those days when I was a kid and most of those shops are still the same. The owners are still there and they have not in any way done anything bigger than that small shop they are keeping. Their entire livelihood is on that shop and they take everything from it rather than making it a bigger one.
There are people who are supposed to be presidents of multinational companies but they are always thinking small and because of that, they will only end up as employees in other people’s companies. Their strong and dominating thoughts have been about going to school and getting good grades so that they can eventually get good jobs. By the time they get the good jobs the craved for, the jobs take all their time and they cannot think about any other thing. They also don’t want to live the job because they claim they have job security and their salaries are guaranteed. Unfortunately, some of these people have also suddenly lost their jobs.
Think in a big way. When I say think in a big way I am not just talking about day dreaming. I am not talking about fantasizing. I actually mean that you need to imagine yourself doing very big things that people all around the world will be talking about. Something that people will travel from different parts of the world to come and see. Those are the big thoughts you need to be allowing in your mind. Don’t just think about how you can get a job and how you can pay your bills. You are more than those small thoughts you keep in your mind right now. Think about how you can pay other people’s salaries while so many others are looking for jobs. Think about being the solution to the many problems that people are complaining about in your community. Sometimes I have been in a situation where people complain about what the government is not doing. At that moment, instead of seeing it from the perspective of the government alone I begin to see myself as a philanthropist fixing all the things that the government has refused to fix.
Things may not be going as you plan right now. They may not be exactly what you want but that is not a good reason for you to think small. If you limit your thoughts to your present situation, then your situation will always limit your thoughts. There is no such thing as ‘I will think big when things get better.’ If you don’t even think differently from now, there is no way things are going to get better. You have to be able to get away from the present situation by thinking on the things that you want.
You do yourself no good by thinking small. There is no religious honour in thinking small. Expand your thinking capacity and imagine yourself doing big things as a result of big thoughts. It is a waste of God’s precious resources to only think small with your head and mind. Get out of your self-imposed limitation today. Break out from your current thought realm and break into the larger world of possibilities in a new thought real where you think really big. Always remember, what you think about is what you get. So when you think small, you get small things and when you think big you get big things that can even be bigger than what you think. Your thinking small is your greatest undoing!
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