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What you are going through may be tough but you need to remember that it is just a phase. It does not matter how long it seems to be taking, you need to know that it has not come to stay but it has come to pass. It started some day and it will always finish. Where you are is a phase that will lead you to another level of your life.
I remember when I was a primary school school pupil and each day I went to school thinking about the day I would become a secondary school student. Finally I left primary school and got into secondary school. At secondary schools in those days, the seniors were so big and the male were full of beards and had some intimidating looks. When they were passing you would clear the way for some of them. We as juniors saw the way they lived and desperately wanted to be seniors. From there we started another race and kept asking when will I become a senior? We really wanted to be seniors because of the ways the seniors maltreated some of some. Finally we became seniors and the only other thing that mattered to us was graduating and making good grades that can get you into the university.
Life just has different phases for all of us. I have used those common places just as a reminder that you are also in a phase that is not permanent. Well we got into universities, worried about graduating and now we have. Then you start thinking about jobs again. Life is like that. You will move from one phase to another and you will forget the old phase.
What phase are you in right now? Is it a very discouraging phase of your life? Does it look like things are turning against you? Has everything come to a stand still? You are simply in one phase that will also be passed. Remember that just like you ever worried about when you will grow up to be an adult, you eventually passed that phase.
In all of these things, regardless of the phase that you are in, I want you to hold on to an important lesson. Never define your destination by the experiences on the road! Don’t limit your life to what you see at the various bus stops! You may not have liked what you are seeing so far but it does not mean that your destination is different. Please do not make the mistake of judging your destiny or next phase in life by your current phase in life.
There are people who moved from being poor to being rich. There are people who moved from being jobless over the years to become entrepreneurs and job givers! It may take a while but things will turn around for you. You may already be an entrepreneur and it looks like business is not booming. Just remember some of the big business names that you and I know today have failed before they made it big.
Just keep going, get through this phase to the next one which will be a pleasant phase and you will smile! Remember, this is just a phase!

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