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When you begin you approach a bend on a road you sometimes think that you are coming to the end of the road but as you approach the bend, you will begin to discover that it looks as if you have a little more space to move around! If you keep moving towards the bend and don’t turn back just because you have concluded from a distance that there is no road, you will see that what’s after the bend is not just a little space for you to walk around or drive into but a long stretch of road that can still take you where you are going!
There are so many times in life that we seem to be approach a bend and we seem to conclude too quickly that we have come to the end of the road! We should never conclude that we have come to the end of the road from a distance just like that! It may seem that all is over for you or that nothing will ever change for you. It may look as if you will never get another chance in life or that all the bad things that happened will never take another turn but you need to first come to terms with the fact that things can still take a new turn and definitely, your challenges can take a new turn.
One of the first things that can lead to things taking a new turn in your life is for you to stand up after every storm that brings you down! If you stand up you will definitely come to a stage where you see that things can still turn around. When you take a good look at the trees in the bush, some of them try to fight the storm and they end up not surviving the storm but you will realize that the palm tree hardly fights the storm! It will simply bend over by the time the storm comes and no matter how long it takes the storm to fight, the palm tree will remain low until the storm is over! As soon as the storm is over, the palm tree just comes back up and is ready to continue living until another storm comes and it repeats the process! Little wonder it’s usually one of the trees with a very long life span.
Just as the palm tree you can bend over just to wait till some storms will pass! I even like the words used in the Bible and it was repeated so well but people may not see its application in their own situations. In several places, you will find words like, ‘and it came to pass.’ I have in several meetings said to people that if the Bible says ‘and it came to pass’ then it means that even the storm in your life has not come to stay! It came and it will also pass.
Don’t ever redesign your life based on the things that are happening around you! It may seem that life has temporarily given you a set back or has even shattered your dreams but you should know that one major thing that can truly shatter your dreams will be the absence of your faith in yourself or absence of faith in the dreams that you used to shout about! You can always have two periods in your life and you are the one that will determine how long each one will last! There can be the first period when you have dreams to shout about and there can be the other one when you have dreams to cry about! Having dreams to shout about is usually the first phase and somewhere along the line you may encounter challenges that may make you weep! If you have a really big dream I think you may get to stages that you will cry about what you have in your hands but you are the one to determine if the crying will be the last thing you will do or if you will ever get a chance to go back to the days when you shout about those same dreams! Believe me, if you can snap out of the crying phase of your dream you will have more reasons to shout about the dreams and more results to show for those days of crying.
I’ve had to wake up this morning simply to tell you that THIS is NOT the end of your life, dreams, marriages, education, business career, political ambition and any other thing you have so desired to achieve. Get up and get going!
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