This our ‘National Deceit’ | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is truly amazing how a nation can lay claims on rebuilding the nation and at the same time doing all the things that can possibly pull down a nation. What exactly are we doing to build the nation and what are the other things that we are doing that should not be done by someone who claims to be building a nation? How can be building a nation and not be honest with ourselves? How can we be building a nation and the net of the law catches some very small people who are small offenders but does not catch some big people who are really big offenders?
There are still so many unanswered questions even though those questions seem very simple to the general public? Why is it difficult for a nation will a lot of fuel in its reserves to build refineries instead of exporting what was dug from our grounds to other countries who will refine and resell to us at higher rates? For how long are we going to continue to exhibit this foolishness?
How come we have so much and we look like nations that have nothing and when we are being grouped we are also grouped along with very poor nations? Sometimes we take what other nations say about us hook line and sinker and accept that we are in a poor nation but one of my most pressing questions is why will a nation be referred to as poor and those who call it a poor nation will still keep visiting it? They say the nation Nigeria is poor yet I had the opportunity to travel to the Federal Capital Territory and I see streets that are completely occupied by embassies of other nations especially those nations that say we are poor. What, on earth, are they doing in this nation they call poor? They look at our numbers and they see amazing opportunities! They send some of their refurbished products down here starting from their cars to their electronics and other household utensils. Those things are sold out even before they get into the country yet they still say we are poor!
There are so many things going wrong in this nation not because we have challenges that are so strange and cannot be fixed. They are going wrong because we have people who are trying very hard to deceive us about things we can easily ask questions about and interpret for ourselves! What is the problem with our educational system and why have the leaders left it to be destroyed? Why do they think we are fools and they go to secondary schools or even our tertiary institutions to donate some peanuts to them while those ignorant students are jumping up?
When are we going to stop the national deceit of are these leaders so sick that they don’t know it’s a form of sickness to steal so much money that you will never need in your life? I can’t but ask questions on why an oil producing nation that’s also rated as one of the largest oil producing nations of the world will have long lines of vehicles at the filling stations with no assurance of getting fuel? Who is deceiving who?
This national deceit needs to stop and our leaders must understand that there are certain things they will never be able to fix until they put an end to the deliberate deceit they are engaged in while relating with their followers! We have a choice to take this nation up or to drag it further into the mud. The real choice we make is not reflected in the words we utter but in the actions we take!
Enough of this national and hilarious or childish deceit! Let’s get serious with building nation and do right by first being open and sincere! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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