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So many people constantly talk about the things they have been trying to do without success or the things they cannot even do. While they are busy fighting those things, there are several other things that they could have done or could have started that they have not even recognized at all. Why struggle with the things you can’t do when there are so many things you can do that you have not even started?
I think one of the many problems we still have is that people think there is one thing they must always do. They believe they have to do things in a certain way since that is the way every other person is doing it. If it is not done that way then there is no other way around it.
You have to sit and for a moment think about what you are doing. Then you also think about what you can possibly be doing. This is very important because those things you have not started doing may just be all you need to do in order to get the big break you have been looking for.
A few weeks back I sat down and it struck me that there was something I could have been doing in a certain area. I had been in that area for two years and it was just occurring to me that I could be doing that thing. In that moment I just started thinking about what it would have amounted to if I had started it two years back and how big it would have grown now.
I think that because we have gotten so used to some regular stuff, we don’t want to try new things and explore other possibilities. We just stay put with the ones we already have and keep trying very hard even if things are not working. I have observed that each time I try new things, I get better results. I may have some reservations about trying those new things, just like many other people. We naturally want to resist change or we hesitate to change things especially after getting used to them.
We need to think creatively all the time and not be afraid to explore new terrains. We also have to be open to possibilities. When we work like this, it becomes easier for ideas on new possibilities to flow towards us. That is the only way we can see those things that we would have been doing that we are not doing. These new things, if left undone, can keep us in the struggling zone for a life time.
Why is it so important to do those things that we could have been doing at this point? It is important because it just might be those things that we should have started with when we started. We probably started with the right strategy but leaving out some other important things. Even with my blogging, there were so many things that I did not do from the beginning when I started in February 2007. I was just trying to do it all alone and hoping that after telling a few people about it they will all go to the blog to check it out. When I realized what I was not doing and could have been doing, I did it and got an amazing result.
Somewhere along the line, new ideas struck me and I saw things that I could have done differently. I wasted no time in switching to those things. At the beginning of this year, another strategy struck me and I must say it has also been working for me. It works because that strategy has translated into businesses for me. When you explore one new possibility, other new possibilities will open themselves up to you. It’s as if possibilities have a way of attracting themselves or announcing to themselves to come quickly to that person who has received one of them.
I have brought this up because most of us seem to be focusing only on what we have already been doing and how we can perfect it. While that is good, I think there just might be something you could have been doing that you are not yet doing. That one thing might add the needed colour and give you the much desired break.
Please take some time out today and just reflect. Your objective would be to think about what you possibly could have started that you have not started. It might even be an addition to what you are doing already. Just reflect. While you are doing that, you may find ideas opening up like flowers to you and you know what next to do.

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