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It’s one thing to be happy that you found a great gift in you and you really want to maximize that gift. It’s another thing to realize that the gift you shouted about because it made you feel like the champion is also in another person just around you. What do you now do when what you intend to shine with seems to have become common place?
There are people who seem to have similar gifts and such people always have issues when they are in the same area and they have to work together. Why does this happen? They mostly see themselves as competitors so they always work with the mind of establishing one’s superiority over the other.
I can understand when you are growing alone or you are the only one who has your kind of gift in your area. You feel good. People praise you and love you for the gift in you. No other person challenges your authority but all that changes when another person comes into the area.
Should you feel threatened by the people who share your gifts or who seem to have developed their gifts more than you do? If you ever get threatened by other people who share your gifts, it is first a good sign but your reaction is wrong. It is a good sign because you now know that you are not the only one with that gift. There are other people who share similar gifts and you need to sit up. It tells you that you need to start working on how you will be able to carve your own niche. To be threatened, however, is a bad sign and a poor reaction. It probably means you do not know how unique you still are despite sharing similar gifts.
I have been in the midst of those who are speakers and writers like me. I have never felt threatened by their gifts. One of the reason is that I have looked deeply into my own skills and why I was given those skills to realize that there are some differences. There are a few things that I do that my contemporaries still don’t do. There are styles I engage that the others do not engage. More importantly, I was given this gift for a purpose that’s different from the purpose of that other person.
The first understanding that liberated me was the fact that we may share similar gifts but we do not have the same purpose. You should never be threatened by other people just because they share the same gift with you. It does not mean that your own gift will no longer be relevant. Having someone around with the same gift does not mean you will no longer have food to eat.
Take a look at the industries in the corporate world. There are several lawyers doing the same thing but they all still have their unique abilities. There are several people in the real estate business but they still make money depending on the kind of strategy they engage and appeal they present. You will also find those who are public speakers who have great oratory skills and have no issues with other speakers because they all speak for different purposes.
If there is someone around you today who seems to threaten you because you have the same gift, take your gaze away from that person. Focus on your gift. Sit and think on what you can do to make your gift different and serve the people excellently well. If so many people have talents and are showing them off, the one that people are likely to appreciate is the one that serves the people.
How can you engage or help the people with your own gift? That’s what should preoccupy your mind instead of thinking about the other person who has the same gift.
Your biggest problem with your gifts will not be because of the other person who has a similar gift. It just will be because you ignored the more important things and set your focus on the things that don’t count. Reset your focus or keep the focus on the right things and work with your gift.

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