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It is indeed true that the human fingers are not equal as the Elders in Africa will always say but while we look at the things that are not equal and primarily focus on them, we tend to forget the things that are equal and can give us better platforms in life. When they say that the human fingers are not equal, they are not necessarily focusing on the finger itself but trying to let you see that since the fingers are not equal then you should not expect the economic condition of everyone to be the same!
I am not going to argue that the economic condition of everyone should be the same because I agree that it cannot be the same! Meanwhile, there are more important issues to look at beyond not having the same amount of money or the same resources with every other person on life! To begin on a good logical sequence, I would ask if you agree that we all have equal time in life regardless of where you were born, how you were born, when you were born or who even gave birth to you?
Beyond all human beings sharing equal amount of time, it is also interesting to note that all animals have the same amount of time. Have you not heard that ‘the rich and the poor, God created them both?’ the real issue here is not really about one person being born into a wealthy home or the other being born into a very poor home! In fact, I have heard people say that they were so poor that when you want to spell the word ‘poor’ and you are referring to them, you should not add the last two letter because they could not afford it!
We all share the same amount of time in life and what becomes of us at the end of our lives will be dependent on what we do with our time! Men who become great in life always invest in their time and make the most of it but men who will come to nothing will always spend their time and at the end of the day have nothing to show for the time!
The other thing we all have is the brain! God has been kind enough to give every human being the same time and the same brain but the case may be that people are developing the capacity of their brains at different levels and that also explains why they are having different results! I will not pretend I don’t know that some people have issues with their brain from birth which may explain why they may comprehend slowly or may not even be able to comprehend at all! Having said that, you will not have any excuse if your brain does not have any issue from birth and it only means you are going to become whatever you become in life by the way you choose to use your brain in the time given to you! You cannot control the time you have been given by God but you have been given a brain to help you make the most of the time! You have the sole responsibility of making sure that your brain is properly developed, equipped to function at its maximum capacity and yielding profitable results for you!
I started out by relating the Africa proverb that says all fingers are not equal which primarily wants you to understand that we all do not have the same means or resources! Whatever will end up in our pockets will ultimately be determined by what we do with our brains in the time given to us! We can even make an equation out of this and say Time + Brain = Money. I am not a Mathematician and I don’t like maths but I know time is constant because God gives it equally and brain may be referred to as variable because we all use it at different levels and unfortunately, some don’t use it at all!
Wherever you are going in life, you will need to remember that the use of your time with the brain given to you will determine the money that you get! Use your time effectively by developing your brain and use your brain effectively by maximising your time!
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