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There are two important things in life that give us the perfect illustration for a solo flight. They show us why we must take them and how we may never make it through life without taking some solo flights! The question is if you are ready for that solo flight that you must take for you to be confirmed or certified in life.
After relating with a pilot who came to speak in a gathering some years back, I found out that every pilot who goes to the aviation school cannot graduate without taking the solo flight. You would have been taught everything you need to know. They will take you through the theories and the practical aspect of flying and a bit of aeronautics. All of that will be important but you will never be called a pilot or given the license to fly until you have taken the solo flight.
During the solo flight, you are alone in the plane and that’s why it’s called a solo flight. It is time for you to put in everything you have learnt. If you crash you are on your own. If you make it then you will be congratulated for making it.
The other thing that teaches us about solo flight is the eagle. I am sure you have heard so many things about the eagle. Some people have even given us a wrong impression by talking about the gathering of eagles! Do a proper research and you will find that it is almost impossible to find what you call a gathering of eagles. That is not the message I want to draw from them at the moment.
You need to know that when the eagle wants to teach the eaglet how to fly, the eagle takes the eaglet on her wings. She goes to a very far distance, climbs higher and suddenly drops the eaglet! Can you imagine that? At the time when the eaglet is dropped, it is expected to flap its wings and struggle to maintain its balance. Once it is about to fall, the eagle suddenly comes down and catches the eaglet again. The process is often repeated until the eaglet learns how to fly on its own.
If you are going to get to the top in life there will be times when you will move out of the crowd. You cannot do what everyone is doing and expect to get to the top. You cannot be where everyone else is found and think that you will be distinguished. You need to stand out for a time of solo flight. It is in that time of solo flight that you hone your skills. That is when you build your tenacity. Your endurance will be tested and that might also be a good time to test your endurance.
After the successful solo flight, then the pilot is allowed to fly a private or commercial plane where he can carry so many people with him. The problem with many of us is that we want to carry many other things or people with us and we have no taken our solo flight in life. When we do that, we will not only crash, we will kill all the other people that we have taken along with us.
For some people, the time for your solo flight could be the night time when every other person has gone to bed. While they are snoring you are working. Back then in Mayflower School where I was a student, we used to have a song with a line that says ‘even if we must work, work our fingers to the bone, so may it be!’ It also might be time to think alone, strategize for your life and get answers for the things in future that will confuse other people.
A solo flight is compulsory for everyone, just like the intending pilot and the eaglet. It is now left for everyone of us to find out what our solo flight really is and when it will be. If I am going to put it in other words, I can say that your solo flight is that redefining experience which tests a major skill in you, prepares you for life and proves your readiness for the future you are launching into.
Ladies and gentlemen, in case you haven’t taken your solo flight, please fasten your seat belt and get ready for your solo flight in life!  

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