Tips in Team Building – Fola Daniel Adelesi

1.) The team must have a clear and articulated vision!
2.) Don’t employ people because they are your family members except they are truly competent.
3.) When you employ them you have to define the limits of familiarity.
4.) Employ only the people you can fire!
5.) Give employees job description and your performance indicators.
6.) There must be a structure that specifies everyone’s role in the organization.
7.) Let everyone in the team know who to submit to or who the team should be accountable to.
8.) Define the limits of every team member so that no one gets power drunk
9.) There must be reference materials to consult when responsibilities are not clear.
10.)The team should be structured to function with or without the boss.
11.)There should be clearly stated expectations from team members on every project.
12.)Avoid using a team member against another team member.
13.) Empower your people and don’t always present them as subordinates!
14.) If a team member knows you will listen to rumor you will always be approached.
15.) Teams should have clear goals and deadlines to work with so as to measure progress.
16.) Whoever does not believe in the vision of the team should not continue with the team.
17.) Only the people who are crucial to the team should be on the team.
18.) Let the team know you believe in them and let them work with minimum supervision.
19.) When you have a team leader let no one report to you except the team leader because that means you are taking your powers from the team leader.
20.) Don’t keep people on your team for personal sentiments. Let them go if they want to.
21.) Listen to everyone in the team. If others identify who you will listen to they will keep shut and become uncooperative.
22.) Express genuine love towards every team member. If your team knows you have a special affection for a team member that fellow can be used against you.
23.) It may not be a good idea to scold team members always in the presence of everyone.

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