To number our days | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

A few hours ago I was at a service of songs for a friend’s mother. It was a painful exit, especially knowing that she was not ill and nothing was wrong. She was also in her mid-fifties but you know there’s nothing you can do to bring back the dead. The best you can do is to learn from their life style or their legacies.
When the preacher was to preach he made reference to the popular scripture in Psalm 90 verse 12 which so many people seem to use more often for birthdays. We always ask God to teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
We run through those lines without pausing to think about what they mean. As those lines came again this evening I began to think about what they mean to different people. Many people already know how to number their days. That’s why they seem to be celebrating birthdays every year. But they have forgotten to apply their hearts unto wisdom.
When the Psalmist says he should teach us to number our days, the purpose for that request was so that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Maybe the next question will now be how we can apply our hearts unto wisdom having numbered our days?
One of the ways to apply our hearts unto wisdom is to live each passing day purposefully. You were born for a special purpose. It was an assignment that necessitated your coming. If the assignment was not important then, your coming to this life will not be important.
To apply your heart unto wisdom is to go in search of what you were born to do or the assignment you were sent to accomplish. Once you discover it, you spend each day working hard at making it a reality.
Another way to apply your heart unto wisdom is to know that whatever you do today is a seed for tomorrow so you must go about sowing the right seeds. When you get a chance to be a blessing to someone else, don’t hesitate. If there is something you can do to make life a lot easier for another person, please do it and don’t even look back to get attention or appreciation for it.
If you are truly applying your hearts unto wisdom, you will not be too attached to the things of this world no matter how much you have. You will see that there is nothing wrong with having so much but there is everything wrong in thinking that your life revolves around having that much.
Let your life be less of yourself on daily basis. Pour yourself out to people. If you are not living as a blessing unto others or giving others a reason to look forward to the hope that tomorrow brings then you are not applying your heart unto wisdom.
It’s not enough to grow older and tick the years on the calendar. As you grow older you should ensure that your positive influence is also increasing and that lives are becoming better because of how you live yours.
Please be told or reminded that you should not only number your days. After numbering your days, diligently apply your heart to wisdom through productive daily living.

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