To those condemning Buhari because of Jonathan

Hello all,
I am surprised that informed Nigerians will take it upon themselves to spread the kind of information they are spreading about General Muhamadu Buhari which can rarely be proven. Most of those spreading the rumour are either too young to know or remember what happened yet they passionate disseminate distorted information. Worse still they are creating a comparison between the MILITARY RULE of over 30 years ago with the CIVILIAN RULE that started six years ago!
The information and a subtle process of influence on our minds would have been balanced if most of them did the same analysis for all the candidates contesting. Unfortunately, they have decided to attack the General of Integrity just to pave way for the General of Corruption. If you are reading this I can say for sure that you were born more than six years ago and everything I am going to say below will be things you can verify.
To save you the stress of verification, most of what will be brought up are things you also remember so well. The facts are there and you can check them out or simply deny them.
What has our civilian leader done in his last 6 years of misrule? Since your analysis was one sided and it is considered a failed attempt to discredit Buhari, I will take you down memory lane with your clueless president whose lips have no wisdom to brag about.
1. It was under his watch that $20 billion (note that it is dollars) got missing from the NNPC account. Instead of probing the issue, he fired the whistle blower (Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi)
2. Barely six months after that, PDP in a single gathering raised 21.5 billion naira for election campaigns! The governors who raised 1 billion naira collectively were still owing salaries in their respective states in arrears of 3 to 6 months! Professor Jerry Gana and co claimed to have raised 5 billion out of that 21 billion. Please what is the salary of a prof or the pension of a retired prof at that?
3. Our former aviation minister, Ms. Stella Oduah bought ONLY TWO BMW cars for 255 million naira! When I know that even a bullet proof lincoln stretch is sold for 70 million naira. She was neither fired nor probed!
4. The Farouk and Otedola gate is still there till date where a lawmaker who should probe fuel subsidy scam was said to have received more than 600 million naira in bribe.
5. In the last 6 years under Jonathan, not a single Execu-THIEF or legisla-THIEF has been prosecuted even though there were evidences of their embezzlement or misappropriation of funds!
6. Have you forgotten that more than 200 girls and others who have been abducted are still missing in more than 6 months?
7. Your president openly says ‘how much did Jim Nwobodo steal? Money that is not enough to buy a peugout car and Buhari jailed him.
8. The second Niger bridge Jonathan promised has not materialized in 6 years.
9. The Lagos Ibadan expressway is only half fixed. In fact, at the moment when you are travelling on that road, you have to go through a bush path to avoid heavy traffic at the expense of your life. I travel on that road and you should ask others who do.
10. Our president had 10 private jets in his fleet and in the 2014 budget made provisions for the 11th one.
12. He has a yearly budget of more than 1 billion for food alone and those supporting him can barely boast of a million naira.
13. Madam peptroleum – Deziani – was alleged to have spent 10 billion just leasing and flying private jets around the country. She bold refused the invitation of the House for a probe because ‘Oga at the top’ will not let anything happen to her
14. We used to buy fuel for N65 naira but Jonathan’s 2012 new year gift to us all was a removal of subsidy and he tool fuel to N97.
15. The same Jonathan and his advocates trying hard to discredit Buhari have forgotten that it was Jonathan who used soldiers, in a democracy, to send all of us away from the Ojota park simply for expressing our minds.
16. Remember Jonathan in a presidential media chat told us he does not give a damn when asked about his refusal to declare his asset. One would have thought that a president would be civil.
17. In another presidential media chat Jonathan said Corruption is different from stealing! So he feels it’s okay for Nigerians to continue paying taxes and for a few to continue stealing!
18. He claims to have created 1 million jobs in 6 years! Where is the proof? And President Obama is still being scolded for creating over 250,000 jobs every month! When APC came out to say they will create 3 million jobs, Jonathan also started saying he will create 3 million jobs if re-elected. That’s what he did not do in the past six years but he now claims he can do that.
19. Now the naira has just been devalued because your president is dancing to the tune played for him by IMF. 1USD is now equivalent to N189 – Official from the bank. It’s over 190 in the black market where you can easily get it.
20. Jim O’Neil, an MD at Goldman Sachs, says Jonathan’s loss in next elections is for Nigeria’s good! Why? He reminded us of how foreign investors have become apprehensive and are leaving. He also said Jonathan fired Sanusi, the man who gave government some credibility.’
21. We have video evidences already circulating about Jonathan’s promise to do only one term. If he can’t keep his words why should he be trusted again?
22. Obansanjo repaid all our debts and left over $45Billion in external reserves. Ask Jonathan where the money is today and remember than we are back in debts! In fact, his plans to support the 2015 budget through external loans!
23. For more than 276 days he did not visit Borno state where over 250 girls were kidnapped from Chibok. He sited security concerns as the reason for not visiting. Less than 30 days to election he suddenly realizes he can set aside the security concern to visit them. As if that was not enough, pictures of him were taken where he was said to have visited wounded soldiers. The wounded soldiers they claimed he visited were in FULL and NEW army uniform. They were on New bed spreads and they had New MOSQUITO NETS over their heads. The president touched the legs of one of the soldiers but he was touching the led covered in the army uniform. There was no injury to show he was talking to an injured soldier! No bandages or drips or medical paraphernalia to show they were being treated.
24. We all remember so well the saga of Nigeria Immigration Service where more than one million Nigerian unemployed youths were made to pay N1000 each. It turned out to be a job scam and many still lost their lives. No DG or consultant managing the recruitment process has been prosecuted till date.
25. Governor Gaida (not sure about that name now), one of the Governors in the troubled North East region on Channels Television today claims to have spent N10 Billion on insurgency in his state alone. Where is the result?
26. CNN, only a few days ago, interviewed some Nigerian soldiers on their challenges in confronting Boko Haram. The soldiers themselves said that they are responsible for buying their own kits. The government does not give them kits. How did the government respond? General Chris Olukolade said, according to Channels TV, that it’s an international attempt to blackmail the Nigerian Army.
27. Everyone cleary remembers that in the heat of the Nyanya bomb blast that happened in Abuja, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was in Kano for the rally that paved way for his major campaigns. A day after that he was in Ibadan for the 100th birthday of Olubadan of Ibadanland.
28. Upon re-election in 2011, President Jonathan said in Ethiopia {Jointly reported by NTA and AIT with videos available to prove this} that he will not seek reelection in 2015. He said the Goodluck-Sambo tenure will end in 2015. He denied this in a recent presidential media chat and trust Nigerians! We brought out the videos to remind him we keep records but he cannot keep his words.
29. President Jonathan told Christine Amanpour during a CNN interview that the light situation in Nigeria has improved. Interestingly, most Nigerians either saw that interview with their power generating sets on or they caught up with it later on the internet. Many parts of the country still experience consistent blackout for as long as a month and even more!
30. Buruji Kashamu, a wanted drug baron in the United States, is walking free in Nigeria because President Jonathan refused to hand him over to the US Government. That is the same person he has made one of the PDP leaders in South West. He is not contesting to go to the Nigerian Senate. Nigerians will recall that it is the same Kashamu that went to court to try to stop the launch of President Obasanjo’s new book ‘My Watch’ because of the exposure the book will give him.
If you can refute any of the issues I have raised then I will immediately start asking people to vote for Jonathan.
Balance up your views before sending messages to informed Nigerians.
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