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When a rich man wants to build a house, he will not tell you to go into an area and see how the houses are built so that we can just build the exact small houses that others in that place have built. That’s because what he wants to build will not be determined by the environment but by his resources to build what he desires to build.
There are many of us who are like a rich man who has enough money to build whatever he wants to build. But we get into an area to see that most of the people there built small houses so we also decided to limit the kind of house to build into that area. You neglected the fact that you are richer than most of those other people who have put up small houses.
Many of us are too gifted for the average things we are doing in life. We look at the environment and allow the environment to condition us rather than looking within and let the resources or gifts from within to determine how much we pour out to others.
If you are going to do anything in life, you should do it excellently well regardless of who has done it before and has been celebrated for doing it. They may think that they have done their best because they have some recognition. You should go beyond that.
How can you say you have done enough just because of what other people have done that looks okay? You know that there is more within you than what you have just done. You need to pour out yourself. Give your best into everything and make sure there is something that stands you out.
Some people build one house and relax for the rest of their lives when God actually wants them to have a really big estate with houses in it. Some people start one business and they just stick to making money from one location when God’s ability inside them can help them run a large departmental store with branches across the nation.
Are you doing the things you are doing based on the best that others seem to be doing? You are more talented or gifted. What’s within you is greater than average. You know some people always say, ‘whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.’ I can also add that you should also do it with all the gifts that you have so it can be different from what just any other person has.
When I started writing online I was doing just a few articles. People loved those articles and I could have settled for average. I could have stayed with just putting out only a few but I know there is more within me than all that those other people were seeing and already celebrating. I then decided to push myself more and said I would write more often. At the beginning of this year I said I would write an article per day and I have been doing that.
How do you know that you have settled for average? I will tell you only one simple example. It is when you have stopped doing more than you can do just because of the compliments that you get. You have settled for average when you are no longer doing more than you can do and others think that you are already doing your best.
I task right now is to remind you that you are too gifted for average and you can’t stay there. If you have been sleeping and making others think you have already done your best, wake up. Get back into action and pour in your very best into anything that you do. Remember that if you stick to average you only get average results. If people are already celebrating your average results, picture what will happen by the time you start giving your best!
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