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Many of you need to know that when you agree to come together as a couple, it is a nice plan to you and many seem to be happy about it. However, there are those who are not happy about your union, especially the devil. He knows you can do great things together if you have a focus and you keep working on that focus. So he really wants to create a tool for distraction in order to make sure you do not achieve that focus.
What is the devil’s tool for distraction? There are many names that different people call it in different homes and different countries. Regardless of what you call it, it will always manifest as disunity within the home and you will always have reasons to fight each other.
Once you have started fighting each other then you have started losing out on the original purpose for which you and your spouse agreed to come together. Maybe you did not even come together for a specific purpose. Maybe you just saw each other and decided to get married either because of the physical features or the vital statistics. Well you still need to know that there is a purpose for your union. The devil may be fighting so hard so that you never get to know that purpose.
Why is disunity a tool for distraction for the devil? When you have unity you will do great stuff together. You will be able to plan your life together and plan well for the children you are hoping to have. You will ensure that these children are properly brought up and are given the best of training in any institution that you can find in the world.
Those lofty ideas or great plans are only possible so long as unity continues in the family or between spouses. That means that the devil is after the future you desire together and he will make sure you fight each other so you don’t get that future together. You can’t let the devil distract you.
Please note that it is not every action of your spouse that you should react to. Sometimes when I hear some marriage counsellors say ‘you must sit and trash out every issue together,’ I just smile. I have to smile because if you are being real there are issues that are best resolved by not even starting a conversation about them. You know that when you start a conversation about those issues, you must apportion blame about who’s wrong and who’s wright. Then someone feels right and another feels sad. Those are not the main issues. The main thing is that the devil wants to distract you and keep you busy with some irrelevant stuff when the more important things lie ahead of you.
Each time you see a reason to disagree with your spouse or even get so angry that you want to fight, just remember the bigger things. When the devil succeeds in getting you to fight your spouse then the two of you start thinking you are the problems of each other. You will not be able to face the battles you are supposed to face together. And you will also not be able to achieve the great things you are supposed to achieve together because you have both been distracted and you are busy with the wrong focus.
Rather than let the devil distract you by making you focus on what your spouse did and wanting to punish him or her, forgive in advance. Practice what one man calls advance forgiveness. He says he has forgiven his wife in advance and that there is nothing she will do to get him angry.
When you have already forgiven in advance, it become easier to move on and the devil is so disappointed that he can’t distract you from the original focus that you both have. Please always bear in mind that what you both should achieve together are more important than any other thing that may want to set you apart. If the devil can break your unity, he can take your destiny.

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