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Very many of us have so much to do and it always seems as though we don’t have enough time to finish what needs to be done. I have also heard people asking for more time and saying 24 hours will not be enough. Again I will say that you don’t need more than the time you already have.
The time you already have is enough for you to do what needs to be done. The point is that we want to do so much but we can’t do everything. Most of us try to do what we ‘want’ to do instead of doing what ‘needs’ to be done.
By the time you end up doing what you ‘want’ to do you will not have enough time for what ‘needs’ to be done. I hope you got that secret? A good example might be that of a kid that wants to see a movie but really needs to do his homework or assignment from school.
If that child goes on to see the movie, he will not have enough time left to finish the assignment and he might complain about not having enough time. It can also be a female adult who has a business presentation to complete but is watching a series on television. At the end of the day he or she says there is not enough time.
The examples given so far might give you the impression of choosing between pleasure and work. Maybe you think that does not apply to you. Everything you do is serious work but there is not enough time.
I dare say that what needs to be done has more than enough time for you to do it except you don’t prioritise. There are those who want to do too much by themselves and they refuse to delegate.
So what’s the top secret that you need to engage in prioritising? Think about three words that I heard from Pastor Sam Adeyemi several years back. Those are ‘important, urgent and emergency.’
Everything you need to do in life can be defined by these three words. That thing you are doing right now or are about to do is either important, urgent or has become an emergency.
You can also look at it as a process chain. Every task is first an important task and it may or may not progress into the stage of urgent or emergency. We can decide, based on the choices we make often, if we are going to have urgent tasks or emergencies.
Here’s what you need to note. If you leave the important tasks undone, they will soon become urgent. When some urgent tasks are not attended to, they can become emergencies.
One simple and funny example I got back then can help you. If you are married, it is important to tell your spouse ‘I love you.’ Many people procrastinate on this and wait till their spouses start complaining about not being loved or adored. At that point, it has become urgent. A few people will still not take that serious until they return from work one day to find out that their spouses have packed and will be moving out of the house or has already moved. Now that’s an emergency!
Think of that and take it into all that you Need to do. Handle important things when they are important and they will not degenerate into urgent things.
I sincerely hope you now have an important tool in your hand to help you prioritise and make the most of your limited time. You have the time that you need, maybe not the time that you want.
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