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The human mind is very fertile and thoughts are the seeds that drop on it. Nearly any seed can actually germinate on the human mind and that is why we have to be very careful about the thoughts that are allowed to stay on our minds.
When we are not careful in tracking every thought that gets into our mind, it will only be a matter of time before our lives begin to reflect the fact that so many unnecessary things have gone into it.
The quality of your thought, by now you should know, will determine the quality of your life. When you think in a very shallow way or low quality thoughts are allowed to dominate your mind, then you should not expect a high quality life.
You are simply a product of your thoughts and it does not matter if you agree. All you need to do is to check your thoughts in the past years and see where you are today. If you want to get to another level, change the thoughts that occupy your mind and see the difference you will have in your life.
To start with, what are those thoughts in your mind? Are they thoughts that limit you? Are the thoughts that don’t let you think big or think that big things can only be done by certain people? Have you been thinking that you are limited and you don’t have all it ever takes to excel in life?
Well you have to replace those thoughts of yours with the thoughts of possibilities. Think about how to make things happen and not the one thousand and one things that will not let them happen. Start thinking about how to break the limits that you have rather than focusing on the limits.
You must, without fail, get rid of every unproductive thought and the earlier you do that the better. The unproductive thoughts inside you are those things you dwell on either consciously or unconsciously and they don’t have any impact on your desire to progress in life. Rather, those thoughts become the barriers against your progress.
Unproductive thoughts are like toxins in your body. To call it what it is, it is actually poison in your system. Only the productive thoughts are the nutrients that nourish your system. You and I know that only someone who wants to commit suicide will deliberately drink poison. Many of us have been drinking suicide by way of the thoughts that we dwell on. We are not physically dead, but that’s why we don’t experience progress in life.
Just like people are screened before they are allowed into some event halls, that’s how you need to start screening your thoughts. Not every thought should get into your mind or stay there.
It is important to create a thought-funnel which will sift what gets into your mind and what is allowed to stay there.
A thought-funnel is a consistent pattern of thinking for an individual, groups, organisations or even nations that identifies similar and familiar thoughts, accepts them and rejects or reacts aggressively when unwanted, strange or new thoughts come along. – Fola Daniel Adelesi, 2016.  
Please note that the similar and familiar thoughts that we accept can either be positive or negative thoughts. They may be self limiting without us paying serious attention to them.
The unwanted, strange and new thoughts may be the real thoughts that we need and we may still reject them because we have not been used to them over the years.
What thoughts have you been dwelling on? From today, ensure you track every thought that you dwell upon. Be sure it is the thought that should grow in your mind because the thought that grows in your mind determines the life that you get.

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