Trade your talents – Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you have not been told or you have not heard then you need to take note of the fact that the gift of a man will make room for him. This has been quoted from the bible a number of times but recently I had to come up with one truth on the issue of gifts making room for you. The gifts you do not use will not make room for you. Even if people notice the gift in you and the fling doors of favour open in front of you, you are likely to close that door against yourself because your mind is not open towards the gift.
You were not given the gifts that you carry so that you can feel good about them. You were given the gifts so that you can serve humanity with those gifts. Imagine how miserable we would be if the people who invented the pressing iron refused to work on their idea! Imagine how miserable we would be if the people who invented cars refused to work on the ideas that they had before everything became a moving object that we now travel in. Imagine how miserable we would be if the person who was supposed to invent the computer did not do something about the computer. The entire world cannot move or do anything as fast as they should. Imagine if someone like Bill Gates did not follow his dreams! The world cannot be the global village that it is today!
If you are going to continue hiding your ideas or just writing them and filing them away somewhere in some cabinets or on some tables then imagine what you and I would be suffering if the cell phones were not invented. You probably have not met me before but you are reading things that I have written. The only reason it’s easy for you to read things I have written is because somebody invented paper and somebody else invented the ink that writes on those papers. If you have seen me on TV then that is because somebody worked on his idea to build the first TV and mass produce. If you have listened to any of my audio CDs then that is because somebody invented the recording devices and another person the CDs that can record what has been said before.
Life can be a lot better for our nation if only you come out with the gift inside of you. Life can be a lot better for the world if you start trading your ideas. Before I forget, if your ideas are physical products you need to go get some patent rights or copy rights for your ideas. If they are paper works please go and get ISBN or ISSN for the things that you have written.
You may not know the capacity of what you have or how far it can go but I need to tell you that there is something you carry which will be useful for the whole world. Imagine the lines that we would still have in banks today if there were no cards or internet facilities to use for business transactions.
The world gathered at a time and said everything that needs to be invented has been invented and that no new thing can be invented again. It was after that time that Wright brothers invented the air plane and so many other inventions are still coming in. Yours – yes your invention and innovation – is the next that the world waiting for. The world is willing to pay for what you have only if you are willing to make it available for the use of the world.

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