Transferred pressure | Fola Daniel Adelesi

One of the things that happen around us daily is that we see people who take all the pressure put on them. They don’t know how to deflect the pressure but they easily transfer that pressure to other people. When you don’t know how to manage yourself, you will take on all their pressure and that will destabilize you eventually.
Managing yourself is one thing and managing other people around you is another thing. It is not enough to be able to manage yourself. If you think you will easily get things done by managing yourself alone, you will greatly miss the point. Some people have their lives planned out start from a daily activity that is well planned out and routinely followed. Eventually, many of those people still don’t achieve much.
These people who do not achieve much don’t do so not because they do not have a plan but because some other people interrupt their plans. Have you ever seen people who are great time managers who still lag behind in their duties? Why are they great time managers and still can’t get much done in their own time? The answer is simple. They can’t achieve much sometimes because they think managing time effectively is about managing their schedule. No it is not. Managing time effectively is about managing those people who want to get into your space and take you time that wasn’t planned for. That’s how you spend so much time and not much has been done.
The same thing applies to pressure. You personally do not have a lot of pressure on you or at work but there are other people who are constantly trying to transfer the pressure to you. They may be sentimental about it. They will make it look like it is your work and give you emotional blackmail some of the time.
You much revise what you are doing and how others want to get things done with you or through you. If they always want to bring pressure on you, you must learn to either deflect the pressure or take things one after the other. If you don’t you will end up being confused and that drops your level of productivity. You should have your own plans and you own timing. When other people come with theirs, let them know they have to wait. If they don’t want to wait then they must learn to bring things to you faster than they do so you can get enough time to work on it for them.
The things you have to deal with are probably more than enough. Having to handle the pressure of other people will add more to your own pressure that you’re trying to manage. Don’t let your life become a catalogue of other people’s pressure! Some people are good at these things. They know how to push all their pressure on other people. They want to make things easier for themselves and they just keep pushing their pressure to you.
At other times, it is simply because of anxiety and disorganization in other people’s lives that they have a lot of pressure they are trying to transfer to you. When you have family members, friends and colleagues who keep trying to put some pressure on you, take a look at them and find out what it is. Is it their lack of order that gives them a lot of pressure? Help in any way you can so they don’t keep pushing their pressure to you.
You really need you sanity in this world which is already a crazy place. Taking on the pressure of other people just makes it worse.

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