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In life, we all can learn to hide from one thing or the other as we go by on daily basis. We can hide from the pressure we are facing with our spouses or the pressure from other family members. We can hide from the challenges at work or some other places because we have options. You might even be hiding from a creditor or your landlord. No matter what you are hiding from and seem to be hidden from, you cannot hide from trials and temptations! Some trials that will make grown up men weep like babies will come your way. Some trials that will make wives wish they had never been married or even born may come their way. The trials may be lighter than you think or heavier than you expect. What you must know is that it will surely come. Even though out of a strong faith I have said that whatever does not kill me will make me, there are some trials I just never prayed for or at least I wish they never came at all.
I think it is very important to remind ourselves of the fact that these trials will come and when they come they will always have a purpose to achieve through us. Since we now know that the trials have something they must achieve through us then there are lessons we must be conscious of. When we are conscious of those lessons then the trials we are going through or will go through will not just be in vain. What are we supposed to know in trials? I think some of them are:
1. We must not focus on the trials but watch out for the purpose of the trials.
2. When we learn from the trials, we become better people.
3. With each trial, we can connect to our future or disconnect from our future depending on our attitude during the trials.
4. Some trials will come as though they are being orchestrated by some people you know. You have to learn to look beyond those people and allow the trial prepare you for the next phase.
5. When trials come, it means that you are due for a promotion. Without the trial you cannot get the promotion and as soon as you get that promotion, it will soon be time for another trial and then another promotion.
When the trials come you should always remember that a pregnant woman will groan before giving birth. Bear in mind as well that every new born baby will signal their arrival into the world with a cry! If they refuse to cry doctors will make them cry! Before you grow teeth and cannot talk you also go through pains. Many good things happen in life but not without the pains that come ahead of them.
Is this a trying time for you? Congratulations in advance! I believe you will excel at this life’s examination and will be promoted to the next level. Get ready, the trials will soon be over and it will be time to dance.
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