Trusting God after exhausted options! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

God expects us to trust him completely for everything that concerns us but it seem like some will only trust God after they have exhausted all the options available to them. Many will run to the south, to the east, to the north and to the west in search of solutions regarding the issues in their lives when all they need to do is to look up to God for the solution. Many of us keep trying things on our own and we keep claiming that we are trusting God. There are some who are even in the habit of helping God out. When they are in a situation and it looks like God is not coming out quickly t help them, they devise their own means to help God. They create a scheme to get things done and they will say God did it.
It’s time to reset our options concerning the issues in our lives. No matter what it is that we are going through and no matter how hard it seems, we need to understand that God is never going to be an alternative or just one of the options on the list. If you need a job you have to trust God first rather than trusting men or connection only about the job. If you think that you know people you will be amazed at how people will mess you up. Some women may even sleep around thinking that their bodies can get them the jobs they want but after sleeping around and making a mess out of their lives, they then realize that they still have not gotten their desired jobs.
You will also be amazed at the kind of things that people are doing for money simply because they want to become very rich and then impress a lot of people. They want to buy very beautiful cars and live in luxury houses. They want to take a vacation in some of the most expensive parts of the world and they begin to steal or even go as far as ritual killing just for money. I remember there was the story of a young man who wanted to make money and he went for money ritual. He was told to carry a cow on his head and to walk a distance carrying the cow. By the time the herbalist was ready to kill the cow, the young man was told that he had to stay under the cow so that the blood of the cow will come on him as the cow was being sliced into two. The young man suffered and still did not get the money he was looking for.
Some people want babies and they try all sorts of funny things including sleeping with men or women outside their marriages. Sometimes it works for them and at other times it does not work. In all of these, you need to know that when you try things in your own way, you will end up creating problems for yourself.
You have no ability to bless yourself or make things work for yourself. You have to completely trust God to make things happen for you. You are not to trust God after all your options have failed you. You are to trust God and God alone. He is the one who blesses and adds no sorrow. He knows just what to do about your situation and when to do it. He may appear to be late to you but you need to know that he is never late. God planned out your destiny and in the scheme of things, he has to ensure the right things are in place to release the next thing you are asking for.
Stop seeking other solutions outside of God and hoping you can get things done. Stop making God one of the options on the list. Don’t run to God after all other things have failed. Run to Him first and let Him be your only option.

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